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Question from the Dental Place: Should we take the team to a male strip show?

By November 20, 2017July 14th, 2020Coaches Corner

Welcome back to Coaches Corner! We are happy to share our years of experience working with dental offices all across North America.

We poached today’s question from our Facebook forum – “The Dental Place.” Since it is a private forum, we will keep the asker’s name confidential. However, as a member of our email list, you may join us on “The Dental Place.” We have been told it’s the best online forum in dentistry!! To join in, just click here!!

Question from the Dental Place

Q: Instead of a typical holiday party my partner and I would like to take our all female staff to do something fun together. One idea was to see the Chippendales. The staff loves this idea and all have agreed they would enjoy it. We would all go together in a limo there and back so everyone would get home safely. We would treat them to dinner and the show and all sit together. We feel it would be a fun event but I hope it’s not inappropriate. Our staff ranges in ages 45-70. Thoughts?

Female dentist in NJ

male strippers

A: Let’s start by saying that on a personal level we think it is a really fun idea. And let’s face it – Chippendales is PG-13 at best. No one’s gonna see any “male parts.” But times are different for better or worse. Let’s say something else happens to piss off one of your team members. And they tell their employment attorney that you took the office to a “male strip show.” Do you really want to go there? The fact that you are unsure enough to even post this question means you should not do it.

And hey – we are not prudes, and can tear off a mattress tag with the best of them. Our motto around here is “better to apologize later than get permission first!” But like it or not, in 2017 the answer just has to be don’t do it.

There was a TON of discussion on this topic as well as many others at The Dental Place. Check it out, and even add your own opinion if you want! Just visit to join in!!
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