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Fun Questions to Ask Patients

By December 9, 2019February 18th, 2020Madow Blog
A dentist asking his patient fun questions to put them at ease

There’s so much more to our patients than where they work, what type of insurance they have, and that gnarly MOD amalgam on tooth # 30. And getting to know them as a real person and not just a set of teeth goes a long way towards all of the things we want – treatment plan acceptance, sending referrals, etc… Maybe even more importantly – getting to know our patients better is FUN! You will learn some interesting things and find out some really cool stuff when you get to know someone a little better.

Here’s a simple question to ask your patients:

“What would you like to be doing if you weren’t at a dental appointment right now?”

Or you can throw in a little self-deprecating humor and say something like:

“I know that you would rather be in the dental office than anywhere else, but what’s in second place?”

Try it! You’ll learn some fascinating things about your patients – like the shy guy who’s an expert rock climber, or the granny who was the lead singer in a psychedelic rock band in the 60s! And then of course, make chart notes about your conversations and rekindle them on future visits.

Go ahead. Give it a try! At the very least it will make the day more fun for you AND your patients.

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