Get More Referrals For Your Dental Practice By Doing THIS!

Don’t you hate it when you hear colleagues bragging about how they “built their practices” just through referrals? Well don’t fret. Because first of all, they are probably exaggerating. And secondly, today we are going to show you a way to get tons of referrals – more than you could ever imagine – just by asking your existing patients.

Here’s what you do. Starting today, we would like you to try this. Ask every single one of your adult patients for a referral. That’s right. And ask from your heart. Don’t sound scripted. Make use of any situation. For example if you finish an appointment with Mrs. Jones and she says “Dr. Allen, thanks so much for everything. I love coming here,” then you may simply say “And we love having you as a patient, Mrs. Jones. And by the way, please keep us in mind if anyone else in your family needs a dentist. Or perhaps you have a friend that could use our services. You know we will take great care of them.” Then hand Mrs. Jones a few business cards.

Notice how there was no high pressure and nothing seemed fake there. Now here’s the system: please make a note in Mrs. Jones’s chart that you asked for a referral on this day. This part is important. Then make it a point to do this for everyone. Once you ask, make the note and then don’t ask again for a while. What will happen here is that after one year you will have asked every one of your patients that came in during the year for a referral. Do you think this could be powerful? You have no idea! Now get those cards printed up! You’ll need plenty!

By the way, for a cool business card idea, and one that EVERYONE will keep and show to friends, check this out here –

One more thing before we go today. Thanks to all of you yesterday that checked out our video here – We certainly cannot dance but we got over 10,000 views on this one! Thanks for sending the link to your dental buddies as well.

Let’s talk soon!

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