Get Patients To Ask YOU For Whitening!


Get Patients To Ask YOU For Whitening!

Wouldn’t it be great if patients asked you to whiten their teeth? In this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers, Dr. Rich will show you exactly how to do just that, including a simple way to make your patient exams better and more complete. Then on our mystery shopper calls we continue a “back to the basics” theme to demonstrate how most practices are treating potential new patients like they are unwanted! Got a question for The Fixers? Just send it to info@madow.com


Highlights from “Get Patients To Ask YOU For Whitening!


0:11 – Isn’t it great when you can get your patient to ask you for dental services such as whitening!  Dr. Rich will be teaching this very thing on the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast today.

0:53 – Dental meetings are slowly coming back and Dr. Rich Madow has some on this schedule.  Check it out here!

1:24 – Recently a dentist asked Rich about saving money for their dental practice.  Dr. Madow recommends STAX with FattMerchert for your credit card processing.  If interested in saving money for your dental practice then visit madow.com/save

2:52 – Rich loves it when patients get whitening and he shares why.  They show off their smile and it leaves an opportunity for referrals.  Dr. Madow shares a simple way to get patients to ask you about services.

5:30 – Here is a recommendation for all dentists.  Make a baseline shade of the patient’s teeth.  This is wouldn’t take very long and record it.  Rich shares the standard shade for Americans.  He recommends handling this to the patient to show them the shade.  See what the patient says.

11:15 – Don’t forget that The Madow Center for Dental Practices offers dental coaching and a free snapshot of your dental practice.  Check out madow.com/snapshot or madow.com/chat

12:27 – Rich starts the secret shopper calls and goes back to simple questions to see how they respond.  Check them out.

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