Get Your Free Twenty Dollar Bill!

“For a limited time, The Madows are giving away FREE twenty dollar bills!”
Why did we put a picture of a $20 bill on the top of this email? First of all, it was to attract your attention! You gotta admit… most people are attracted to money! And secondly, we wanted to share a question we have asked each other for at least the last twenty years!

Here is the question we have been pondering… if we sent an email out to our entire list offering a free $20 bill and all you’d have to do is reply “YES” and you would get one sent to you, how many people would actually take us up on it?  We will probably never know the answer because unfortunately…

we can’t afford to try this!

But how many do you think would do it?  You probably think 99%.   Or maybe 75%.   The lowest some of you may think is perhaps 50%.   Well guess what!!! It would be less than you think. MUCH LESS! And we’re not sure of the reason other than disbelief or laziness.

We are sure that you understand that offering a free $20 bill to you is not in the cards today. We would put our business in jeopardy if you were right about the percentage! But being the Madows, to make up for this we would like to offer two things free that will surely beat a $20 bill any day of the week!

First thing – FREE membership in The M Club, which is our incredible dental buying group! Yes, we have teamed up with Darby and called it The M Club and we urge you to join for free today! When you are a card carrying member (yes, you REALLY do get a black card to keep in your wallet), you get the best deals on your dental supplies, VIP concierge service, rewards (that you pick from a catalog) just for buying dental supplies, and all kinds of free perks at Madow seminars! This is worth so much more than a $20 bill, it isn’t even funny. Go to The M Club online or call 1-855-THE-M-CLUB right now to get started!

Second thing – Three FREE Crowns from Maverick Dental Lab! We searched the planet far and wide to find the best lab for our Madow dental friends. And Maverick is it. By far! We have been recommending Maverick for three years now and we have so many great testimonials, we had to have another file cabinet delivered yesterday to hold them all! Oh, and Maverick is offering new clients (only Madow friends) three free crowns so that you may give them a try! Ask any other lab if they would do that for you and they will laugh (or spit) in your face. That’s why you gotta give Maverick a try. Call them at 1-866-318-6624 and ask for Joe or Larry (the owners). They will take care of you. We promise. Or click HERE!

So to recap… no actual twenty dollar bills today, but we think we did MUCH better! How many of you will click on both of the above or even easier yet, get a team member who is in charge to take care of this? The SMART dentists reading this will do it immediately. The others will just be wondering forever how to get ahold of one of the twenties!

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