Give Thanks – But Don’t Do This!

Thanksgiving is in just two days, then Black Friday and the holiday season.

It’s a time to count your blessings, be considerate of others and be charitable. (Actually, we should be doing that year-round, but that’s a different topic altogether.)

But as you get into that spirit, please don’t forget that you have a business to run which is called a dental practice. The doctor and every team member are responsible for its success.

So – if you start discounting your work, not collecting what you are owed, and giving reduced fees to everyone with a crazy story – you will be undermining that business.

Charity is great – even required in some ways. But it needs to be on your terms.

It’s great to help the unfortunate in your community. But if you start to give discounts to everyone or fail to collect what is owed to you, you are undervaluing your work and eventually cheating yourself and your team.

So please do lots of charity. Pick some patients who are unfortunate and provide free or low-cost treatment. Do a “Dentistry From The Heart” event. Donate your time to a local free clinic. But also remember not to get screwed by patients who are trying to take advantage of your generosity. Then you will really have a practice to be thankful for!!

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