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One of our favorite “idea guys” is Dr. Mitchell Josephs of Palm Beach, FL. Here is a great technique he uses in his practice to actually get people excited about showing up for their appointment when lab work is involved. Take it away “Dr. Joe!”

Hey guys! I came up with this idea when I was at the gym. We have been bitch’n that this one machine we like has been broken forever! Finally, my trainer told the owner to at least put a sign on the machine that says: “Parts on order; thank you for your patience!” At least this makes us feel the gym is on top of it and help is on the way.
I always like how Amazon and Ebay send me alerts on the shipping progress of my orders. I get excited when that 1969 Alfa Romeo taillight I ordered has been shipped and was in Arkansas yesterday, and then “out for delivery today.” 
See the email below I now send to every patient awaiting lab work to come in:
Subject: Your Dental Lab Work 
Dear Frank:
You lab work is in progress! (see below)
Thank you for your continued trust in our office. See you on the 15th to deliver your night guard.
Dr. J.
Account Number: 10-45375
Order Received: 3/19/18
Your digital order is in production and will be shipped on 3/24/18
Patient name: Frank Reynolds
It’s amazing – when I send this email patients actually get excited about their lab work and their appointment! I hope your readers enjoy this tip. Dr. Mitchell Josephs
Palm Beach, FLThanks Dr. Joe! Keep ’em coming!!


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