The “greatest-thing-since-sliced-bread”

Thank Otto Frederick Rohwedder. For what, you ask?

He invented sliced bread.

His idea in 1912 introduced a machine that would take a loaf of bread and slice it.  How practical, right?

We hate to burn-your-toast but the invention was a failure.

As Seth Godin confirms, (It was) “…a good product with lousy marketing (that) had very little chance of success.”

Fast forward 20 years…

A new brand known as Wonder began marketing…ready…?

Sliced bread!

And the innovation (from 20 years earlier) caught on.

“It was the packaging and the advertising (“builds strong bodies twelve ways”) that worked, not the sheer convenience and innovation of pre-slicing bread.”

Think about that…

The next time you talk to a patient about teeth whitening, for example. Is it about brighter, whiter teeth in the convenience of a one-stop appointment…or…renewed confidence for a job interview, a wedding, or a school reunion?

We could talk about how you promote other treatment and procedures. But we think you get the picture (hopefully).

To your patients the “greatest thing since sliced bread” might be a tad bit deeper than the obvious features and surface benefits you most often talk about.