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Are you keeping up with what is going on in dental marketing these days? You’re not sure? Well, here’s a statistic that may frighten you. Last month alone 5.4 million people used Google to find a new dentist. That’s right – well over FIVE MILLION PEOPLE ignored all the Yellow Pages ads, direct mail coupons, patient referral programs and everything else you may be doing – choosing instead to electronically locate a dentist! And well over a million patients stayed in touch with their current dentist, generating millions of dollars worth of treatment, due to what is now being referred to as “Web 2.0” or “Social Media Marketing.”

The story of a former “tech-challenged” doc:

 “We attended your Social Media Market Summit in Baltimore. At that time, we had no presence on the internet, and by “no” I mean zero. However, we were determined to correct that with hard work. We developed our search engine optimized website, MediaPAdentist.com. Our patients happily gave video and written testimonials. As prospective patients began finding us, the phones started ringing like crazy.We now appoint nearly everyone who calls by applying your dental appointment scheduling techniques. In the past four weeks, our new patient volume has quadrupled and we are #1 on Google for many of our services. Yesterday, we had a last-minute cancellation so we sent out a Tweet and e-mail offering a discount. Less than two minutes later, the appointment was filled! We love helping our patients and seeing them smile again. Our vibrant, exciting practice is joyful work. Thank you for giving us the tools we needed, and don’t stop doing it!”
       -Levente Bodak-Gyovai DMD and Catherine Bodak-Gyovai MD, Media, PA

There is an incredible new way to let people know about your dental office! The good news is that it’s virtually free! The better news is that if you take advantage of this technology now, you will be able to very quickly establish yourself as THE EXPERT DENTIST in your area and basically blow your competition out of the water! Web 2.0 has the potential to bring more income into your practice than anything you have ever done in the past!

Think back for a second. Remember 10-15 years ago when dentists were first getting websites? Many had no idea what they were doing but they just wanted to jump on the bandwagon because after all, the mentality was “if the dentist across the street has a site, I better get one.”

Some sites were pretty good; unfortunately most were bad. But good or bad, one of the big problems with these sites was they were impossible for the public to stumble upon. And unfortunately fifteen years later, most dental web sites are the same – they may look good but they are not bringing in many new patients. They are no more than fancy “electronic brochures!”

Search engine optimization (oftentimes referred to simply as SEO) promised to take care of that problem! The idea here is if you tweak your site by adding certain tags and keywords, someone in your area searching for a dentist would easily find you site because it would pop up very high on Google.

But hold on cowboy… it’s not quite that easy!

Even if you are lucky enough to have the knowledge to optimize your site yourself or to find the right person to help you, there is still an inherent problem using search engine optimization to promote your practice on the web. The problem is: the only people that will find you are the ones that are actively searching and…

just happened to type in the correct keywords!

What is the likelihood? Most studies show that it is very slim. Plus, Google constantly changes their search parameters, so staying on top of this is almost impossible.

But imagine people in your area finding out about you and your practice in a different way – as they go about their normal online activities such as web browsing, emailing, shopping, social networking, and the like? If that were possible, don’t you think that would be much more of an effective marketing strategy?

It is a brand new approach, combining all of the tools that the internet has to offer which equates to new patients,
happier patients and MORE BUSINESS!!!

And right now your dental office can have success with this in the same way that Southwest Airlines, Marriott Hotels, Sony Electronics and many of the other big boys have! There is a definite way of getting your name and message out to the people in your area about you as a dentist. Not only that, this will be an interested and well-informed group that is very likely to accept treatment recommendations and refer others like crazy to you. And this works with your CURRENT patients as well!

In case you did know what we are referring to, it’s “social media marketing” and it’s the fastest growing and one of the most effective ways to market a dental practice. It’s taking place right at this very moment and growing like crazy! And the good news is that there are very few dentists that understand how to properly use social media to market their practice.

“WOW!!! Your social media marketing seminar was awesome. I’m 67 years old and I’ve got so much to apply from this course that I’m not going to retire for at least another 15 years!”   
       -Dr. Robert R. Scharp, Big Rapids, MI

Now is the time to take action!

Chances are, if you would be asked if you knew what social media marketing was, you would give one of two responses:

1.“I have no idea what social media marketing is.”
2.“Oh sure, social media marketing is stuff like Facebook and Twitter.”

Believe it or not, the first response is the more common. And maybe you think response #2 is fairly accurate. Sorry, it is not!

You see, Facebook and Twitter make up a very tiny portion of social media. Answer #2 would be analogous to saying that nine players make up a baseball team. It is partially correct because those are the obvious people you see on the field at the beginning of the game. But in addition to the starting team, there must be other starting pitchers, relief pitchers and a strong “second string.” And it doesn’t end there. In order to win, you need a manager, coaches, trainers, office personnel and so on. And they all work in conjunction with each other to produce a desired result. The best nine players in the league couldn’t win a game without everything else properly in place.

Social media marketing is actually similar. It consists of a series of things that you do online that all work in harmony to produce a specific and very predictable result, which in this case is getting people to find out about your practice, come to you as a patient, accept treatment and refer others! And remember, it will also get your current patients to accept more treatment and talk up your office like crazy!

Right at this very moment there is a gold mine out there, and if approached the correct way, YOU are going to be light years ahead of every dentist in your area!

And as we said, this “gold mine” is virtually…

Just imagine if ten years ago you were the only dentist in your area that had a web site. Every time someone would type in “dentist” and “your town,” they would be directed to YOUR web site. That would have been pretty nice, right?

Unfortunately those days are gone. Most social media experts predict that the stand-alone web site as we know it is becoming a thing of the past. Most of your patients and prospective patients will be getting their information about you through Facebook, Twitter, Zoc Doc, Google +, Yelp, Yahoo Local, YouTube, and various other online methods. That’s not to say you will be losing your regular web site. You will still have it but it will simply be one piece of a MUCH larger picture.

Sound overwhelming? Well yes, it can be. But it can also be very simple and easy to implement with the correct knowledge. And that absolutely DOES NOT mean being a tech genius. One of the most successful social media marketers in the world does not even know how to turn on a computer!! So if you are reading this, you’re already many steps ahead of him!!!

Social media marketing is neither haphazard nor difficult. It is a definite plan, which needs to be systematically followed. You simply have to know what to do.

And YOU do not have to be the one doing it. Your time is probably most productive doing dentistry and you want to relax when you are not in the office. Social Media Marketing is not another frustrating, time consuming hands-on project for you. It is something that can actually be put on autopilot, so it’s working even when you are on vacation or sleeping!

At this point you are most likely thinking that you don’t want to miss out on perhaps the best way to market your dental practice in the history of the profession. So how can you find out more? Research or surf the internet until you find the answer?

Well, unfortunately that would most likely lead to frustrating and inaccurate information, not to mention how long it would take! It’s a lot to take in! Social media marketing simply cannot be explained in an article, a lecture or a CD!

So what is the answer? What do you do if you want to not only learn more, but actually be “up and running” in the fastest manner possible?

Here is your answer: Come to The Social Media Institute and attend the…
Best Social Media Conference EVER!

Everything you need to know to increase your practice’s profits will be revealed – from A-Z!

As respected leaders in the fields of marketing and practice growth for twenty years now, The Madow Brothers have taught thousands of dentists how to make their practices more profitable than ever. And now there is a new trend that will take dental marketing by storm, and the timing is better than ever to get started. This will be the most fun and lucrative hands-on seminar you will ever attend in your life!

So what exactly does the “hands-on” part mean? It means that as well as getting expert instruction on how all the latest trends in social media and internet tie into your overall marketing plan (and can jettison you ahead of everyone else in your area regardless of what type of marketing you are currently doing) you will be working live with your “personal assistant,” helping you set everything up every step of the way.

So instead of the typical course where you leave with twenty pages of notes, more confused than ever and have no idea where to start – you’ll actually be up and running immediately! Your new social media marketing plan will actually be working for you…
Yes, this is unbelievable stuff!

All you need to do is bring yourself and your laptop. Everything else will be taken care of!! Needless to say, due to the nature of this course, attendance will be strictly limited!!

What will be covered at this amazing two day event? Basically everything you need to know to be not only up and running, but WAY AHEAD OF THE PACK when it comes to social media marketing. We will go from A–Z and teach you exactly what you need to know so that social media marketing can pay off BIG TIME for your dental office.

Here are just some of the things you will be learning:

How to maximize the FREE power of social media sites to find new patients and get them to accept your treatment!
Step-by-step instructions for how to get started with online social networking sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter!
How to locally dominate the online dental marketplace!
How you stack up against your competition and use this information to enhance your total brand and strategy!
Ways to change “You have a nice website” to “I want to be your patient!”
How to place specific content in various areas throughout the web and have it link back to your site!
Why you don’t just increase your visibility – increase your credibility too!!
How to clearly define your “Brand” and get it noticed in this era of electronic overload
How to produce a dental video online in 90 seconds with this simple device and watch your visibility TRIPLE!
Long term strategies to keep your patients excited and loyal
Dynamic secrets to true Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!
How to easily build a tremendous following of people who will become practice ambassadors – both online and offline!
Ways to successfully blog even if you are not a good writer or don’t have the time!
How different components of social media such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, WordPress, Twitter and more will all work together to drive your practice to the top.
How to establish yourself as the dental expert in your community and generate tons of traffic to your website!
How to create a strategy that will be a magnet for attracting new patients and re-energizing existing ones!
Why you won’t have to ask for referrals – your media network will do it for you!
A social site where people in your area are actually asking about where to find a new dentist! Go to this one and just reel them in (this one secret pays for the entire seminar)!
Why you shouldn’t abandon traditional marketing (such as new residents, postcards, etc.) but instead make them blend in to increase your practice by huge proportions!
How to create an online marketing system that takes minimum time and maximizes your efforts.
Simple ways to get qualified patients to find your website!
How to build a magnetic brand image that attracts patients to you!
Personal attention to guide you through every step!
And much much more!!!


Dr. David Madow
Dr. Richard Madow
The Madow Brothers are known for staying one step ahead of the rest, and there is certainly no exception here. They are often imitated but NEVER duplicated! Rich and Dave have been working with social media marketing longer than ANYONE in dentistry and are convinced that all successful dentists will ultimately be adopting this marketing strategy. They are now bringing “The Best Social Media Conference Ever” to an intimate group of dentists and team members who want to be on the forefront!
Dr. Rich Hirschinger
Dr. Rich Hirschinger is the Founder and President of DDS.com, an Internet-based marketing service for dentists. Dr. Hirschinger, a dentist as well as an MBA, is a leading expert on dental SEO (search engine optimization), web design, social media marketing, and how to incorporate Web 2.0 into your current website to bring you explosive results!
Steve Vargo
The best of the best… we challenge anyone out there to find someone that is not only more social media savvy, but someone that can teach dentists how to grow their practices like wildfire by incorporating some very simple things into their practices. Steve hosts our monthly webinars and we literally have waiting lists to get on and hear what he is going to teach next. When you come to The Best Social Media Conference Ever, you will leave with so many mind blowing ideas from Steve that your head will be spinning – in a good way!
Emily A. Hay
Emily A. Hay specializes in helping dentists and teams understand and implement specific tactics to grow through social media. With a background in sales & marketing coupled with experience of small business environment, she understands how a social media presence backed by a clear strategy can be an effective means to market, network, and build a brand.


We will be bringing our team of expert assistants to personally hold your hand and work with you every step of the way and to make sure that when you leave, your strategies will be set up and ready to roll!!

Whether you are already up and running with “social media marketing” and “search engine optimization” or you barely know how to use email, if you plan to experience serious practice growth in the next few years, you must take advantage of the newest and most cost-effective way to market your practice!

Warning: we only have 11 more openings for our March 22-23, 2012 class.

This is the kind of material that you absolutely will not find anywhere else. That is a guarantee! If you’re new to all of this and would like to gain deep knowledge that will allow you to leverage the power of social media to grow your practice, attract more patients and promote your brand, this program is perfect for you.

If you have dabbled in social networking – congratulations! You are already way ahead of most dentists. But please understand that just being on Facebook does not make you a social media marketer. Ninety-nine percent of the people using social media have no idea how to use it to make big money!

The thirty people that attend the two-day hands-on “Best Social Media Conference EVER!” will be trained to become experts!

Come join us at our Social Media Institute!

March 22-23, 2012, Baltimore, MD

Please make your plans to attend now, as we only have 11 openings remaining n this class.

Tuition includes two lunches, and a special evening brainstorming cocktail reception with Dr. Richard Madow, Dr. David Madow, and the entire Madow team!! All you need to bring is yourself and your laptop computer. Everything else will be supplied!!!

At this meeting we will not just tell you “You need to optimize your website, be on Facebook and blog every once in a while.” We will give you the tools, help you get started, customize them to make them yours, and make sure that you are ready right out of the gate to elevate your practice using social media marketing. It will be right there for you! This is the original and most comprehensive social media course in dentistry. Do not settle for less!

“I attended the Madow’s Social Media Marketing Summit in Baltimore. I wanted to take a few minutes to let the Madow Brothers know what an impact the seminar made on our practice! After my head stopped spinning from the class, I started to work on my action plan immediately. One idea lead to another and my action plan began to grow exponentially. In fact, my action plan from that seminar is still growing! With the ideas learned from the social media seminar – we are now located in a minimum of 3-4 places on the first page of most Google searches within our area of expertise! We are found in all social media markets and our networks continue to grow on a daily basis! SEO Marketing is a low cost way to explode the growth of your practice! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful seminar! I’d be happy to speak with anyone who is unsure about attending your future events – the results are PRICELESS!”

Dawn Patrick, Office Administrator – Fairlington Dental (703-671-1001 – www.fairlingtondental.com)

“l loved it! A pure 10 out of 10!”

Dr. Catherine Vista
South San Francisco, CA

Everyone that attends loves it! Read what a few more attendees had to say:

“Thank You The Madow Brothers for the Best Social Media Conference EVER! We loved your enthusiasm and appreciate you sharing all your knowledge, tips and tricks! LOVE IT!”
     -Dr. Matthew Hanfland, Omaha, NE

“The Madow Brothers and staff are absolutely amazing! When I came to this conference I thought I was somewhat educated with social media, boy was I wrong. All the information that The Madow Brothers shared is absolutely essential to keeping up to speed with social media in the dental practice. Thank you Madow Brothers in advance for revolutionizing our dental practice!”
     -Jessica Robbins, Billings, MT

The Madow Brothers take their seminars and hands-on courses VERY seriously. This course sells out and you certainly do not want to miss it! Please register today!

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