The Most Important Component of Your Marketing – Make One Change and Watch Your Profits Soar!

The headline is crucial to any piece of marketing that you do. Always look at a headline as an “ad” for your ad. People will decide whether they want to spend the time to read your ad simply based on your headline.

And it goes much further than that. If you send a newsletter to your patients, the headline on the front page is crucial. Make it good.  It’s especially important on a postcard. Or in a newspaper ad.

Fortunes have been made from good headlines. You may remember the ad for the home study piano course. The ad went “They Laughed When I Sat Down To Play The Piano. But When I Started To Play…” That headline was written by John Caples. He made millions of dollars from it. Do you realize that you can do the same in dentistry?

A few years ago our one day seminar was not selling as well as we would have liked. We made one simple change to our marketing postcard and WHAM, the room sold out EVERY TIME we came into a city! What was the change? We wrote a headline that read…

“Would You Like to Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Get Rich?”

That headline made our one day seminar into one of the most attended one day private seminars in dental history!

Yes, headlines in your marketing are crucial. Test them and see which ones do the best.

One of the good things about Social Media Marketing is that you can test and test and test. Compare that to the Yellow Pages where you are stuck with the same ad for a whole year. So if you test a headline in the YP and it turns out to be a bad one, you lose BIG TIME.

We really believe Social Media Marketing is the way to go. We are doing so much with it now, we want to share our success with you. It will make a tremendous difference in your practice. Are you ready?

By the way, speaking of headlines, we just changed one of ours, and it has caused a minor “explosion” if you will.  If you like, check it by clicking HERE.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.

P.S. Coming soon… the second most important component of a marketing piece. Do you know what it is?

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