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Hey – Who’s In Charge Here?

By March 13, 2020December 11th, 2020Dental Practice Fixers, Podcast Episodes

Who’s In Charge?

One thing people tend to forget when they are on the phone with a potential patient is – Who’s In Charge Here?? It’s up to the team member to gently and kindly take the call back to where you want it to go, including making the appointment.

Check out the callers today and see if you can find out “Who’s In Charge?”

Our two calls today are totally different, but both demonstrate what not to do. In the first one, a super kind and caring team member doesn’t realize that she can take the call where it needs to go. And the second one – well you just have to hear it to believe it! What would The Dental Practice Fixers (Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow) do? Listen and find out!

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Highlights from “Hey – Who’s In Charge Here?”

0:25 – Rich is wearing a t-shirt that everyone will want to see by watching the podcast on YouTube.

1:03 – Do you want SWAG? Find out how!

1:48 – Rich asks Dave if he knows about a rumor going around.

3:04 – How to say certain words is discussed by Dave.  How would you pronounce E-X-A-M? Is there more than one way to say exam?

3:52 – How do you say Monday?

4:35 – Dave has an idea and shares it with viewers/listeners to the podcast

5:02 – Rebranded with mugs are discussed

5:15 – Rich makes a pun about mugs

5:31 – First Call

6:16 – Rich and Dave discuss the call

7:19 – A reminder of Who’s in Charge of the call

7:58 – Dave brings up a good question on how to handle when a patient says that they need to check their calendar

8:55 – A mini-appointment is discussed.  Find out what a mini-appointment is when running a dental practice.

10:18 – They discuss if the caller passes or fail

11:31 – Discuss the Dental Insiders Guide to Dental Practice Success – Star of the South Meeting

11:50 – A seminar that the Madow Brothers did at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention in Denver

12:06 – Find out how to get the Madow Brothers at one of your meetings.  Check out

13:58 – Find out how to join our VIP list – Text VIP to 443-312-2014

15:19 – Second Caller

23:15 – Rich and Dave discuss the call – Oh wow, so much to talk about with this caller

25:17 – Dave brings up something that has bothered him for about 30 years.

26:47 – Dave and Rich discuss if they will pass or fail this caller.

27:00 – Tune in next week!

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