Hi Ho From Ohio!

Hi ho from Ohio! Today we are presenting our “Love Dentistry” Seminar in Columbus, OH! We are being hosted by Dental Practice Strategies.

DPS was founded by Dr. J. Clarke Sanders in 2008, and their goal is “to bring the best speakers in the dental industry to Ohio to enhance the lives and production of those in the dental field.”

Wow – what an honor to be here – thanks for inviting us!

Don’t sit around waiting for us to come to your town. Did you know that you could have us – The Madow Brothers – present at your next event? Check us out at http://www.bestdentalspeakers.com!

However, if you want to catch the Madow vibe sooner rather than later, there is just enough time to book your trip to Las Vegas for The Best Seminar Ever! This is going to be The Best YEAR Ever! We have so many fantastic speakers lined up that are going to wow you and our exhibit hall will be filled with the greatest exhibitors the dental industry has to offer!

BTW, if you are attending TBSE or planning to attend, you must make sure you are a member of The M Club before you get to Vegas! There will be perks and discounts galore! (Hint: can you say “special seating for M-Club Members!”) Don’t delay! Call them today at 1-855-THE-M-CLUB to join!

This is our favorite time of year as we gear up to be with our Madow friends in Las Vegas at TBSE! Can’t wait to see you there! It’s going to be AWESOME!!

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