Do THIS to Fill a Hole in Your Schedule!

Last minute cancellations make you sick. Holes in your schedule chip away at your profits!

Here’s what you can do to put an end to this problem, or at least greatly reduce it!

If you have an opening in your schedule, simply send out a “Tweet” (a message on Twitter) or post a Facebook update telling your followers that you have availability for an appointment at 3:00 PM today (whatever time is available), and the first person who makes an appointment for that time will receive something special. The “something special” could be a discount off of a service, a free fluoride treatment, entry into a contest… etc. Just use your imagination. Our members that are using Social Media are already seeing great results after a very short time. And of course, the great thing is that Social Media Marketing is virtually free!

Finally, there is an answer to keeping your schedule full, and it is Social Media Marketing. It is absolutely crucial for you to start thinking about how you will be positioned in your community with Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and WordPress blogs. As we have demonstrated to you in our live seminars, we are seeing an opportunity here that we have NEVER before seen in our thirty years of experience as dentists. You need to be using the power of Social Media if you want to absolutely maximize your practice growth as well as your profitability.

Ready to take that next step? We hope so! For more information on Social Media Marketing, please click here!

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