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How Are Dentists Described Online? Most Are Horrible.

By February 12, 2021October 2nd, 2021Coaches Corner, Madow Blog
dentist described online

Have You Checked Out How Dentists Are Described Online? Shocking results.

These days, before a potential new patient calls your office for an appointment they will most likely check your website or see how the dentist is described online. And while they may look around at various things, they will certainly check the doctor’s bio. If they aren’t turned on by what they see, your chance of getting a new patient just shrunk dramatically.

So just for fun, I (Dr. Rich, who lives in Baltimore, MD) Googled “Dentist near me.” Here are the dentist bios from the first few sites that came up.

Kinda blah, huh? He went to college and dental school? That’s pretty much expected. He grew up somewhere else and then moved to Baltimore? He takes dental courses? SO WHAT?? WHO CARES? How will this bio entice anyone to want to see this dentist? It won’t.

Let’s try another one.

This one was a little confusing as it was two, two, two dentists in one! All the top one had was info on where they went to dental school. Well, big deal! We’re gonna assume you are a dental school grad. But it’s actually much worse as the dental school name is hyperlinked! Click it and it will take you OFF the dentist’s website and onto the dental school’s website (which no one could give a rat’s rear end about). Your potential patient doesn’t need to know when spring break starts.

The second one is a tiny bit better; at least we know this dentist loves The Ravens! Okay, let’s try the next one.

Can you say “generic bio that was poorly written by someone at a website design company as a placeholder and never changed?” I knew you could. The only thing worse than this (and we see this all the time too) is “Bio coming soon” or “Doctor’s picture goes here.” Yes – this happens a lot! Okay – let’s try one more!

It’s just poorly written. There is a typo (or maybe grammatical error) in the second sentence. Then it rambles on and goes waaayyyyyy off course. Facial trauma? How many people with facial trauma are surfing the web looking for you? Yeah, nobody! A good dentist bio should make someone read it and say “That’s the dentist for me!!”

Alright – ready for a good example? There must be one out there!

Take a look at how this dentist is described online:

Wow – people call him “Dr. Ben!” He sounds friendly. He makes patients comfortable with humor and he cares! Nervous patients are relaxed when they see him. He’s up on modern techniques. He listens to dental podcasts in the gym!! And he has a great photo too. Now, what will a potential patient say after seeing this?

“I want YOU to be my dentist!!”

And that’s what it’s all about. Will your doctor bio make a potential patient say “I want you to be my dentist?” If not, what’s the point?

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