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How to answer every patient question (or at least it’s a start!)

Patients ask us questions all the time.

Some are insightful questions that will help them understand their dental treatment.

Others are pretty generic questions that we have heard a million times but are nonetheless important to the patient. (Remember – what is trivial to you is new to them, and it’s their mouth!)

And some questions are just downright idiotic.

But no matter what, whenever a question is asked, and whatever the answer, a great first response is “That’s a great question!”

Why? That’s a great question.

Not only does it make the patient think that they indeed ask a great question, it makes whatever comes next (your answer) sound more important and intelligent.

Now obviously you don’t want to overdo it. If someone has a bunch of questions you will sound like a robot if you keep repeating that phrase. But when used properly, it is a great tool for excellent communications.

And please don’t forget the most important thing of all – give a great answer – one that is free of dental lingo that could be understood by a sixth grader!

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