How To Ask For Referrals

After over twenty years of teaching, we have learned quite a bit. And one thing that we have definitely learned is that most people will not take action, even on a good thing.
It’s pretty safe to say that if we wrote:
“Fax us your address and we will send you a crisp new twenty dollar bill” most people would not do it.
The odds get even worse with something like asking a patient to refer someone to your practice. No matter how many courses you take with some great script that is supposed to do the magic, the reality is most patients simply will not refer when asked.
One of the problems is that when it comes time to ask for the referral, the doctor or team member makes it about them and not the patient.
Picture the typical scenario. A patient is happy with the new crowns you just inserted. They are glowing and say:
“Oh Doctor Pickles – I just love my new teeth!”
Boom! You know that’s the best time to ask for a referral. But why doesn’t it work? Because we tend to say something lame like:
“That’s great Lucinda. If you have any friends or family who could benefit from the same type of dentistry, we would be glad to see them here at Pickles Dental Care.”
Okay – Lucinda knows that at this point it’s all about trying to increase your practice.
When asking for a referral – it’s crucial to work with human nature. Make it about the patient. Engage in a little conversation first before jumping on the referral question.

Let’s do an example.
“Oh Doctor Pickles – I just love my new teeth!”
“Lucinda – thanks for saying that. It really made my day! But actually, you made it easy. It’s a pleasure treating you here.”
“Oh – thanks!”
“As you can imagine – in the dental field we hear all kinds of crazy stories, so it’s our goal to make every single patient as comfortable as possible.”
“Yeah – I know what you mean. My Mom went to the dentist and they started drilling before she was even numb!”

“Oh – so sorry to hear that Lucinda. We would be glad to make room for her in our practice and would be sure to treat her extra gently. Debbie will even give you a few of our cards. When she’s ready to come in – just let us know. We’ll look out for her and give her the red carpet treatment.”
See the difference? We engaged Lucinda in a valuable conversation before jumping to the referral issue. It was about her (and subsequently her Mom) – not about the practice.
And most importantly, the conversation was tailored to lead to the referral of a specific person. This is SO much more powerful than asking for a referral of generic “friends and family.”
So yes – asking for referrals can work, especially if you put a little bit of extra oomph into it, make it about the patient not the practice, and try to hone in on a specific referral.
The goal is not always instant gratification, but the fact that when the patient is ready to refer, you are the beneficiary of the action.
Trust us – it works!!
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