How to Capture the Best Testimonials Ever

What do you do when a patient says something nice about your dental office or about the way you treated them? Chances are you thank them very much, maybe half-heartedly ask for a referral, and then get on with your busy day. Right?

We’re going to change all of that today because as a Madow friend we know you can do better. We are going to introduce you to the most powerful marketing machine you have ever used in your life…

the video camera in your smartphone!

So here’s your simple marketing tip for the day. When a patient gives you or your office a compliment, have a team member trained to whip out the video and ask the patient if they wouldn’t mind saying that into the camera. Don’t worry; everyone loves to be a star. It is rare that anyone would say no.

You do not need a fancy schmancy video camera. The one in your smartphone is more than adequate! That’s what we use these days. We always have it with us!

A few tips. Tell the patient to just be themselves and speak from the heart. Make sure they mention your name or the name of the practice. A generic testimonial without any mention of the practice is not powerful. Check the lighting and background to make sure they are both good. Keep all videos to 30 seconds or less – do not let the patient ramble on. Don’t be afraid to say, “Hey Jim, that was really good, but let’s try it again and here’s what I’d like you to change…”

If you want to be safe, have the patient sign an “all media release” form. This will give you permission to use the video basically anywhere you like. We have one for you right HERE!

Start saving these videos in a file where you will always have them. They are fantastic to use on your website, YouTube, social media, email, e-newsletters, review sites (where applicable), etc. Video testimonials are worth their weight in gold.

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