How To Easily Confuse A Patient!

confuse a patient

How To Easily Confuse A Patient!

We start with a great listener question about the proper way to handle a caller who is not ready to appoint. The theme continues on the mystery shopper calls where Dr. Rich poses as a patient who needs $20,000 worth of dental treatment. Surely the person on the phone tries to appoint him, or at least asks for some contact information. Well stop calling me Shirley, because they don’t do either one of those, and it amazingly gets worse! If you have a question for “The Fixers,” please send it to info@madow.com.

Highlights from “How To Easily Confuse A Patient!”

0:10 – Dr. Rich Madow starts the Dental Practice Fixers podcast by asking a question.  If someone is calling your dental office and they need $15,000 worth of work, what do you NOT say?  Learn about the listener question and then three secret shopper calls.

1:10 – Rich reminds listeners about STAX because they only charge a low monthly fee for your credit card processing fees.  Your dental team will love it!  Check it out: madow.com/save

2:28 – Now for the listener question.  If you have a question that you would like to ask Dr. Richard Madow, please email your question to rich@madow.com.  The listener wants to know when you ask for the patient’s personal information without turning them off from hanging up.

5:02 – Rich shares his comments on the question and gives his advice on handling this over the phone.  His experience has been to be very natural and matter of fact with new patients.  He gives some suggestions and examples that you might find helpful in getting their personal information.  Rich also shares “The Madow Way” for getting their appointment scheduled.

8:51 – Rich welcomes to chat with any dentist to share ideas.  To schedule a time with Rich to chat go to madow.com/chat

10:00 – Rich is now going to do the secret shopper calls.  Check them out and see what happens.


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