How To Find, Hire, and KEEP the Best Dental Team

how to find hire and keep the best dental team

How To Find, Hire, and KEEP the Best Dental Team

One of the biggest issues facing practice owners today is finding top-notch team members. No doubt about it – the great resignation is real! In many areas staff compensation has reached record heights, and dentists are even paying bonuses just to get someone to sign on!

Others report that they walk on eggshells, fearful of upsetting even a mediocre team member as there are simply no replacements in sight.

Just take a second and imagine how much better your practice and life would be not worrying about where your next team member is coming from. Think about what it would be like to easily be able to find new team members who understand how to provide a great patient experience. Yes – less stress, more income, and more fun!

Yes – you really can have a the “dream team” if you know how!

So please join in to learn things like:

  • Are you currently detracting potential team members? Find out!
  • Ads for employment – where to place them and what to say. Surprise!
  • Crucial tips on interviewing – don’t hire the wrong person!
  • Systems and protocols to increase team success!
  • Why an “avatar” will save you hours of time and headaches!
  • Where most offices fail once a hire is made. You NEED to get this one right!
  • How to look where no one else is looking!
  • Hiring is competitive. Here’s how to differentiate your office from the pack!
  • Don’t just hire people – RETAIN them with these simple secrets!
  • How to define your practice in order to get team members who truly “fit!”
  • Many more tips to have the best team ever!

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