How To Get Tons of Patient Referrals Without Pleading, Begging or Sounding Desperate!


How To Get Tons of Patient Referrals Without Pleading, Begging or Sounding Desperate!

It’s an old adage that referred patients are the best patients. And it’s also true!

Please join in to learn things like:

• One simple question Dr. Rich asked that generated more referrals than anything else we’ve ever seen!
• How to get business leaders in your community to send highly qualified patients your way – without even asking!
• Use “The Power of 150” to get more new patients NOW!
• Something you must add to your email that will take you ten seconds and get your phone ringing!
• Do THIS every day. It takes five minutes and the rewards are exponential!
• An overlooked health professional who would love to send you patients!
• GPs – you refer to specialists. Do this and they’ll refer to you!
• How to get your “Quiet Vendors” to be a top referral source. Who are your “Quiet Vendors?” You need to find out!
• Get local charitable organizations to beg their members to come to you. It’s easy when you know-how!
• Wear this to a team meeting – new patients will be the result!

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