How To Work All Day And Produce Nothing!

Dr. Vincent Monticciolo of New Port Richey, Florida has one of the most productive dental practices in the country. With just two associates in his practice, his annual revenues are right around eight million dollars!!

Yesterday – February 5, 2010 – he had one of his most productive days ever! Several hundred patients were seen during an incredibly busy day in his practice. Take a guess what the total production was. Have your guess ready?

Well, if you said “zero” – you were correct. That’s right, yesterday they worked long hours, saw hundreds of patients, and produced exactly a big fat zero! Why?

Dr. Monticciolo is the founder of “Dentistry From The Heart,” a national program that selects one day each year and provides free dental treatment to the underserved members of its community.  Dr. Vince started this in his own practice in 2001 and since then has overseen its growth to the point where it now includes over 100 offices in 37 states, providing an incredible $3 million worth of free dentistry annually. In a profession that is often derided by the press and entertainment industry, Vince has created a shining star!

So congratulations to Vince and his team! If you want to find out how to participate, please check out And if you want to see Dr. Monticciolo in person and learn how this incredible young dentist produces over $8,000,000 per year and still has time for his family, his hobbies, and this amazing charity – well  – he is scheduled to appear at TBSE 2010!! Of course, Vince being the kind of guy he is, will be there before and after he speaks to hang out, shoot the breeze with you, and let you in on his amazing practice success secrets. He (and we) would love to see you there!

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