Increase Your Referrals and Treatment Plan Acceptance

There is no one secret to getting 100% treatment plan acceptance or loads of patient referrals – both of these are accomplished by doing many small things correctly.

The main theme of generating both more referrals and income producing procedures is in gaining the patient’s trust and making them feel that they are a valued and unique patient in your practice. This can’t be faked; it must be sincere and meaningful.

A great place to start is simple patient recognition. We have all heard the phrase “I feel like a number” – and if you rush someone and don’t make them feel important that is exactly what they will tell their friends and colleagues – that is if they tell them anything at all. Here is a simple way to get started on the right path – we call it the “Fifteen Foot Rule.” Simply stated:

Any time a team member or the doctor comes within fifteen feet of a patient anywhere in the office they must greet the patient with a nice “hello” or something similar, preferably using their name. For example, Jane the dental assistant is walking down the hallway and looks into a treatment room where George Hammershire is getting x-rays. She simply puts one foot in the room (hopefully not while the button is being pushed) and says “Hello Mr. Hammershire. How are you today?”

It is also great to review the schedule during the morning huddle so all team members will know who is in the office that day.

So will the “Fifteen Foot Rule” generate twenty referrals and have three patients accept all of their treatment tomorrow? Absolutely not. Will it be one of the many steps that makes more patients than ever begin to do those things? Absolutely yes!! Please continue to check this blog for more simple tips to help you “Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Get Rich!!”

Speaking of getting rich, one sure path to financial freedom is to make sure potential new patients are consistently calling your office day after day, month after month. To find out one of the most predictable ways to do so, click HERE!

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