Introducing “The Doctor”

We would like to introduce you to a pretty amazing dentist. His name is Dr. Hugh Flax and he practices in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Flax is an extremely successful full-time practitioner and one of the pioneers of the true “cosmetic dental spa.”

He has been featured on TV, radio, numerous publications, and even was written about in The Wall Street Journal. Besides having an extremely busy practice and fantastic personal life, Hugh is President of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, probably the most prestigious cosmetic dental society in the world. Besides all that, he is a truly nice guy!

Would you like one of the most accomplished and successful dentists around to tell you all of their trick and tips to achieving an incredible level of excellence, show you how to create the practice of your dreams, earn a fantastic income and have a great time while doing so? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t??

Well – now is your chance.

It is likely that unless you are an accredited member of the AACD, you have never heard Hugh teach dentists and team members how to do all of these great things. His schedule is simply too busy to step outside of the organization over which he presides. Between that and his practice, it’s like having two jobs!

Well, somehow we were able to work things out so that Dr. Flax will be appearing at TBSE 2011 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino – right on the Las Vegas Strip.

Actually, “work things out” may be the wrong way to put it. When Hugh heard about the opportunity, he was totally psyched! After all, there is nothing like TBSE anywhere else in the world! It’s where the best of the best want to speak, and where the coolest, most fun offices from around the country come to learn and get motivated.

But hang on. We don’t usually announce the speaker lineup until the summer. So why are we telling you about Dr. Flax’s special 2011 appearance right now?

It’s because our special low “March Madness” tuition ends TOMORROW!! That’s right – Friday April 8 is the last day possible to get your heavily discounted rates, and we don’t want you to miss out.

So whether you have never been to TBSE or you have been six times – NOW is the time to sign up!

It’s 11-11-11 and 11-12-11 in Las Vegas, and once you see the amazing speaker lineup in full you are going to sign up anyway – so why not now?

To get your “March Madness” discounts (yes – we know it’s actually April!) ,simply go to or call 1-888-88-MADOW. But please do it now!! These special rates are OVER Friday at midnight!