Is it the money?

We are often referred to as “The Crazy Brothers,” but when it comes to things such as financial planning and money, we don’t mess around. We take it VERY seriously. One slip up could be catastrophic.

Many of you know that we have been clients of Cain, Watters and Associates for close to two decades now. It’s because we get incredible consistent results. In our seminars, we often compare Cain Watters financial planning to a comprehensive dental treatment plan. To really do both of these right, you need to have the most complete exam and then decide what course of action is necessary to get the desired result.

If your desired result is to accumulate wealth, minimize your tax bite, make sure your insurance and estate planning are in line with your goals, your office overhead is in check, and much more, then Cain Watters may be for you. Their client base is composed primarily of dentists. They live and breathe this stuff – they are the true dental financial experts!

It is not inexpensive to become a client of Cain Watters. Their new client fee is $9000 and is worth every penny of that and more. But listen – they are true “fee only” financial planners. They are not in the business of selling stocks! They make their money by charging for their time. That’s the way it should be.  This is true “financial comprehensive care.”

Please listen… due to our outstanding relationship, Charles Loretto at Cain Watters is making an incredible offer to Madow friends! The offer is the lowest new client fee in over ten years, which is $7000! Not only that, they are guaranteeing that they will save you that amount of money or more in planning strategies (taxes, cash flow, etc.) or they will refund the fee! Now that sounds like a deal that is too good to be passed up!

OK, here comes the fine print. In order to take advantage of what we feel is a once in a decade, possibly never to be repeated offer from Cain Watters, you need to engage them by November 14, 2011. That is the Monday after TBSE. They will have a booth at TBSE so if you are attending, please be sure to see Charles there. If you are not going to make it to TBSE this year, call Charles Loretto at 972-233-3323 or email him at Definitely mention The Madow Brothers or TBSE! And no, we are not making a dime off of this offer to you. It’s just another great benefit you get from being a FOM (friend of Madow)!

Please make sure you speak to Charles, and the sooner the better! Your financial health may be at stake!

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