Is Your Practice Superheavy?

You definitely DON’T want your office to be SuperHeavy. Why not? Please read on.

This September an album called “SuperHeavy” was released. It quickly rose towards the top of many charts and then disappeared just as rapidly as it ascended.

You have probably never heard of the album or the band of the same name, but chances are its members are in some way familiar to you. Who are they?

  • Mick Jagger – no explanation needed here!
  • Dave Stewart – he’s one half of the new wave hit makers The Eurythmics and has gone on to be a superstar producer.
  • Damien Marley – yes, he’s from that family of reggae royalty.
  • Joss Stone – great young British soul singer
  • A. R. Rahman – he’s a huge star in India and best known internationally for his award-winning work on the music to the movie Slum Dog Millionaire.

Wow – with a lineup like that, how could they miss? But most critics agreed that the album was a spotty affair, while the public and even satellite radio seemed to look the other way. Even though they were all stars, they didn’t manage to make beautiful music together.

So how about your dental team? Are they SuperHeavy?

We all know that in order for a team to really gel, every member needs to be a superstar. But that formula didn’t work for SuperHeavy. One listen to the album and you will know why. It seemed like instead of playing to each other’s strengths and understanding the goals of the band as a whole, they were all looking for the chance to throw their sound into the mix whether it was needed or not. They were all great musicians but they were not working as a band.

So let’s assume that if you have gotten this far you are a doctor or a team member who really cares about their patients and their practice. Let’s go even a step further and hope that your co-workers fit into that category as well. But here’s where it gets, ummmm…..super heavy.

Are you all on the same page when it comes to the way the practice should be run? Do you all adhere to the same set of rules?


Do some team members (and we are including the doctor as a team member) think that you should never run late and others feel that you should cram the schedule to maximize production?

Does every team member know the criteria for a crown, periodontal treatment, onlay, etc.. or are you giving mixed messages?

Does the “front” respect the “back” and vice versa? Do they pitch in to help each other or is there tension in the office?

Okay – at this point you are probably getting the picture. It is great to have an office full of superstars, but unless they can work well together and support one another, your office could be “SuperHeavy.” And if that’s the case, it’s time for a serious team meeting.

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