It’s Perfectly Legal (and will save you time…)

We are big believers in calling patients. Post-op calls from the doctor are about the best internal marketing strategy ever invented. (Our standard is any patient who had an injection or came in with a problem gets a call from the doctor that night.) Another fantastic touch is for new patients – the doctor calls the night before the appointment to introduce themselves and see if the patient has any questions or concerns. It not only floors the person – it reduces no-shows too! But let’s face it – there are times when you just don’t want to actually talk to someone! Chronic complainers, time-wasters, multiple question askers and the like can drive you nuts and kill an hour that you would rather be spending with your honey, at the gym, listening to music, reading peacefully, or doing anything but talking to that crazy person. But hey – they deserve a call too! So what can you do? Enter an amazing app called “Straight To Voicemail!” With this incredible piece of technology, you can call anyone on their cell phone and instead of ringing it goes – you guessed it – straight to voicemail!! You get the brownie points for calling but don’t actually have to talk to anyone!! It’s costs $1.99, but remember – time is money!

Now please don’t abuse this app – your patients really deserve that personal call. But in those rare occasions when you need it, “Straight To Voicemail” can be a lifesaver – or at least a time saver!


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