It’s Snowing In Phoenix!!

Those of you who grew up in the Northeast know that there is nothing quite as exciting for a kid than waking up in the morning to a full blanket of snow with the local school district declaring a “Snow Day.” But what if you live in Phoenix? And what if your school days are a few years behind you?

We happen to be in Phoenix, Arizona today teaching Social Media Marketing to a fantastic group of dental offices and of course chatting it up with the attendees as well. Well – a few days ago one of our attendees, Dr. Eric Heap of Tempe, AZ, surprised his team with a very rare “Snow Day” in the desert! Here’s what happened.

In cahoots with Dr. Eric were his extraordinary front desk team – his wife Patricia and their long term team member Debbie – two women who are as intelligent and charming as they are beautiful! First they filled the schedule with patients (concentrating on those special “problem patients” we all know and love). During the morning huddle they could practically see everyone’s blood pressure rising.

Then Dr. Eric came back in wearing a straw hat and sandals and declared it a “Snow Day In Arizona!” The entire team retreated to his house for a day of games, fun, camaraderie, great food and drink (mimosas in the morning anyone??) and basically a day where the entire team could get together and laugh without the pressures of being in the dental office.

Sure – the “Snow Day” was a day of lost revenue. But the appreciation the team will have for their great boss and the bonding experience are priceless – and will more than pay for themselves in attitudes, team longevity and more!

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