It’s Time to Open The Madow Brothers Mailbag!

Thanks for sending in so many great questions! We’ll tackle a couple of good ones today.

Dear Madows,

Do you have any decent script/approach to presenting 3rd party/outside financing?

Dr. Kevin Fatland
Performance Dental Care
Flossmoor, IL


Great question, and we will be glad to answer it for you. But first, it would be impossible to not make a few comments here.

You are located in the town of Flossmoor? That is just unbelievable! Could there be a better location for a dental practice? Is there a podiatrist in Walkmoor? A nutritionist in Eatless? A sex therapist in….oh forget it.

Secondly, the name “Performance Dental Care” is really cool! Nice job.

Okay – on to your great question.

The presentation of 3rd party financing such as CareCredit is very simple. Unfortunately as dental people we tend to talk too much and then wind up talking the patient out of things!
When presenting outside financing, it is counter-productive to mention terms such as “financing,” “applications,” “approval,” etc.. Sometimes that scares the patient away before they have the chance to make an informed decision.
Let’s use an example of treatment being $4800.00. After discussing cash, check and credit card, simply look the patient in the eye and say:
“A great option we have available is twelve months completely interest free. That would be just four hundred dollars per month. How does that sound to you?” That is all you should say!
Then after the patient says “that sounds good” you can proceed with the process. Everyone will want to do it because you have taken a large sum of money ($4800.00 in this case) and have broken it down into something much more affordable.
Remember, keep it simple, don’t talk too much and don’t scare the patient away! Just by using this technique you should be able to add tens of thousands of dollars of treatment that was not previously made available to the patient. If you are currently working with a 3rd party financing company, this small technique alone can cause significant practice growth.

And if you’re not already using CareCredit, we urge you to get signed up right away. If you don’t, you are letting tons of treatment slip through your hands. Call 1-866-247-2712 or

Madow Brothers,

Are you guys real brothers (like The Smothers Brothers) or fake brothers (like The Doobie Brothers)?

Curious and Serious in Connecticut


What’s wrong – afraid to give your real name? Don’t worry – we get that question all the time!

Funny that you should use those examples, because we have been compared to both The Smothers and The Doobies. But the fact is, we are real brothers, genetically linked for all eternity.

But that’s not the strangest thing. We have a third brother as well – Marshall Madow – and believe it or not, he is a dentist too! Long time followers may remember his “Adventures In Dentures” column in our old newsletter.

See if you can guess this strange trait that all three brothers have in common:

a) A small round mole on our big toes
b) Matching tattoos
c) The middle name “Irwin”
d) Hitchhiker’s Thumb
e) None of the above

Please send your answers in today. We will do a drawing of all the correct answers (no cheating) and the winner will get signed copies of our books. Honor system: one entry per person.

And please keep those questions coming!

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