Journal Articles And Dental Lecturers Are BANNED From Saying This…

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Journal Articles and Dental Lecturers are BANNED from Saying This…

Hey there – we love the “throwaway journals” as much as anyone. And we also have a great appreciation for all of the fantastic dental lecturers – or these days, the “webinar circuit.” But there are certain things that they are not allowed to say. Why?

Open up the latest dental lecturers of “Dental Whatever” or “Dentistry This and That” and you will see who pays the big bills so you can receive these publications without paying. It’s the advertisers of course, and in many cases, these are the companies that sell big, fancy, expensive dental tech equipment. Same with the clinical lecturers – many are sponsored by these companies. (There’s nothing inherently wrong with that and believe us – as lecturers who have spoken at all the big meetings, we know the score. These meetings barely pay enough to cover a slice of pizza at the airport!!)

But unfortunately, that means that these articles and lecturers can’t tell you the truth when it comes to investing in high-tech dental equipment.

Look – we’re not Luddites. We love and appreciate high-tech stuff.  We know that in many practices it is an important part of providing high-quality care and an incredible experience for the patient. But it really gives us pain when we talk to practice owners who are barely eeking out a paycheck and have huge notes to pay on the latest high-tech gadgetry. And we see it just about every day!!

We’re a little concerned right now, because the companies that sell this equipment all had a terrible second quarter of 2020.  We’re afraid that to make up for it they’ll be out in full force over the next few months. So just remember – no matter what some kind, sincere salesperson is telling you, in most cases investing in tech WILL NOT increase your practice profits, and in many cases just wreaks havoc with your overhead.

Here’s something to consider….

“Unless you can do my entire crown in one visit, cancel my appointment right now” SAID NO PATIENT EVER!!!! And yes, CBCT scans are incredible. They are the future. They put 2D radiographs to shame. But will new patients be clogging up your phone lines and getting more treatment because you have one? Absolutely not.

So let’s be clear. We are NOT against tech; we actually think it can be amazing! But it will not save a struggling practice.

  • Learning the fundamentals of treatment plan acceptance
  • proper patient scheduling
  • telephone techniques
  • providing an incredible patient experience
  • having a top-notch team
  • and more need to be mastered before spending one dime on fancy equipment, no matter what that friendly guy or gal has to say.

Or as Coach Bob Curley said, “First you gotta learn to block and tackle!”

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