Let’s Simplify Patient Payments!

patient payments

Let’s Simplify Patient Payments!

We all want our patients to pay in full, right? So why make it so darn complicated for patient payments?

In today’s episode of The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast, we give some simple tips for making sure your patients CAN pay in full before treatment begins and a sure-fire way to present third-party financing such as Care Credit.

Then, sticking with that theme, we do some secret shopper calls that should practically be guaranteed an appointment – a family of five wanted to know about payment options. How do you think the offices did? Listen to find out!

If you have a question for “The Fixers,” please email us at podcast@madow.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Highlights from “Let’s Simplify Patient Payments!”

0:10 – Dr. Richard Madow starts the Dental Practice Fixers podcast by talking about patient payments.  He gives some scenarios of cases when setting up patient payments would be necessary.

1:29 – Dr. Madow talks about saving money first by using FattMerchant.  If you are using credit card processing terminals, have you checked into FattMerchant yet?  Save money, get a $25 gift card from Amazon.  Check it out now! >>> madow.com/gift

3:35 – On the secret shopper calls, Dr. Madow poses as a family of five needing a payment plan.  How will the secret shopper calls go today?  Rich talks about the importance of a payment plan and also using Credit Care.  Should you have a payment plan?  What are the benefits?  Listen to what Dr. Richard Madow has to say about it.

4:20 – Rich talks about payments and things he has seen in dental practices.  Dentists can really get themselves into a whole line of issues unless they have a payment plan set up beforehand.  Learn about some red alerts that Rich shares with listeners.

8:05 – Why is third-party credit so important for dental offices?  Find out how long Care Credit takes.

10:02 – Learn how to present a patient plan to a patient.  Learn how to be quiet while the patient decides on how they want to proceed.

11:00 – Rich reviews how to offer Care Credit to a patient.  The basics.

13:44 – Rich makes his first secret shopper call.

15:16 – Rich talks about how this caller handled five new patients and answering questions about patient payments.  Did she set up an appointment?  Check it out.

15:52 – Rich makes his second secret shopper call.

17:52 – Rich discusses this secret shopper call.  Why didn’t she offer an appointment time?  Why does it take so long for a crown?  Should you say the brand for your payment plan?  Find out what Rich says.

19:11 – Rich makes his third secret shopper call.

21:48 – Wow, a crown is only $950 and a cleaning is $105.  What a low fee!  So friendly over the phone but did she offer an appointment or get contact information.  Listen and find out!

23:37 – Do you have a question that you would like an answer from a dentist specialist?  Email us at info@madow.com

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