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4 Steps to Lose Twenty Pounds | How to Set Goals for 2020

By December 26, 2019February 18th, 2020Madow Blog
Dentist achieving his 2020 goals

Need to Lose Twenty Pounds | Learn How to Set Goals for Your Dental Practice

Our tried and true method to lose twenty pounds will have you amazed.  We just wish making all of our goals was this easy.

  1. Go to the international airport which is closest to your home.
  2. Locate a currency exchange booth.
  3. Exchange some US dollars for English Pounds. (At the current exchange rate, twenty pounds sterling is worth $25.87.) With the ripoff commissions and airport exchange rate, this could cost you thirty-two bucks or so.
  4. Stash British Pounds irresponsibly somewhere.

Boom! In four easy steps and a reasonable amount of money you have just lost twenty pounds!!

How to Set Goals for 2020

This is the time of year to make New Year’s Resolutions – and the most common resolution is to lose weight. But let’s face it – by February most treadmills, juicers and gym membership cards are collecting dust. Whether you’re setting short-term goals or long-term goals, setting them is important none the less.

Another method is to make a personal and specific list of goals for 2020. How do you do it? It’s simple.

Take your laptop, iPad, legal pad, illegal pad, Moleskin or whatever else you prefer to a quiet place where you can concentrate. Then just start writing down what you would like to accomplish in 2020 (or at least get started) in a stream of consciousness format. Don’t overthink it – there is no right or wrong.

If you like a little guidance you can make categories – family, work, personal development, financial, etc.. This may help you with your ideas.

Then just write, think, write, think, write, think and keep repeating. Don’t worry about the possibility or impossibility of anything you write. They can be small things like “Write a thank you note at least once a week,” or large things like “find a good financial planner, create a retirement plan, and figure out how to fund it.”

If there is something you always wanted to do, now is the time to write it down. Have you thought about learning to play the oboe? Drooled over pictures of the Greek Islands? Now is the time to write it down. Pour it all out. Make it up. Then write it down.

Over the next few days, take some time to look at your list. Refine. Eliminate. Plan. And get more specific.

Maybe something like “Help others less fortunate” can turn into “Volunteer one day per month at the local free dental clinic.” You get the picture. As you get more specific, maybe you will come up with five or so main goals for 2020. Then write a plan for each. If you are really good you can come up with a timetable as well.

And now for the most important part. Read your goals every single day! You will train your brain and body to make them come true!! And if you have any questions, we are here for you. Here’s to a great 2020!!

If one of your goals (or dreams) is to improve your dental practice, earn more money, and enjoy dentistry more – MUCH more – we have two good choices for you.

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We hope this helps you in reaching your goals for 2020. And remember – if you take action, it’s not actually luck!

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