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You Too Can Love Dentistry, Have Fun, and Prosper

Dear Friend,

Would you like to learn the simple proven secrets that could easily and predictably take your dental practice to a level you never thought possible? Then don’t miss Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow, (The Madow Brothers) when they present their now famous “Love Dentistry, Have Fun, and Prosper” seminar!

With their typical irreverent style, Dave and Rich tell it like it is, not worrying about whose toes they step on or which industry icons they upset. After graduation and residencies, Dave started a practice from scratch and Rich bought a near-bankrupt practice. Within a short time, by adhering to some simple principles which they had developed, both practices were built up and sold for extremely healthy profits.

In this full day seminar, Rich and Dave are ready to reveal the secrets that made their practices super successful! This fun, fast-paced seminar is perfect for doctors, spouses, and staff members.

Now – updated with segments on Social Media Marketing and “Profitable Dental Scheduling!” There will be so much take home information that your head will be spinning!

Why not take this step so that you can learn to thoroughly enjoy your profession while at the same time bringing home a lot more money? Your staff will benefit as well as they see that dentistry can be a fun and rewarding career. You will receive six hours of AGD recognized continuing education credit!

[/av_textblock] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Here are a few of Rich’s and Dave’s best kept bonus secrets they will reveal at their seminar!!

  • Seven words to say at the end of every phone call to make your office profits explode.
  • A simple technique so that you never run late again – your hygienist will love you for this one!
  • Tons of ALMOST FREE ways to get new patients!
  • Money is the number one reason patients delay or refuse treatment. Here is a way to eliminate that problem from your practice!
  • Stop “presenting treatment plans” and get more case acceptance than ever before!
  • How something that cost $1.40 brought over $8750 of treatment into our office!
  • The true painless injection – it’s now a reality!
  • How to save thousands of dollars in dental supplies every year!
  • Twenty things you must remove from your dental office – IMMEDIATELY!!
  • One thing you need to do each and every morning before coming to the office!
  • The lesson we learned from a clothing store clerk — it’s brought in thousands of dollars in treatment!
  • The number one (by far) critical element in operating a profitable practice. No – it’s not lowering your overhead, raising your fees, increasing your treatment plan acceptance, or any of the other old chestnuts!
  • Five magic words that will increase your revenue by ten percent. What would that be worth to you???
  • How to retire young and rich!!
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Find out what past attendees have to say:

“Excellent seminar — reminded me of where my priorities should be!”   –Dr. Robert Banks
“Very enjoyable and fast moving. This is the best seminar we have been to in the last ten years!”  –Barbara Keen, R.D.H.
“Great dental seminar… powerful… life changing!”   –Dr. Marielou Arcilla
“A lot of fun. I wouldn’t change anything about this meeting!”   –Kris Popli, D.D.S.
“Not the typical boring dental seminar!”   –Todd A. Andochick, D.D.S.
“Rich and Dave were GREAT!”   –Mariana Kiesler
“Very fun and motivating – I wish my entire staff would have attended”  –Dr. P. Gay Baushman
“I’ve been in dentistry for 20 years and have never enjoyed a seminar more! Very Informative.”   –Judy Milligan
“Awesome! It was great to attend a seminar where the speakers know about real life dentistry and make it fun!”   –Jay L. White, D.D.S.
“Can’t wait to take all of this and incorporate it at our office! You guys are great!”   –Kimberly Haynes
“Great energy and enthusiasm mixed with tons of information.”  – G. Mason Jones, D.D.S.
“In 15 years, this was the only seminar that was better than I expected! Thanks.”  –Dr. Howard Spector
“This is the first seminar I’ve been to in ten years that incorporated great information and so much FUN!”  –Dr. Matt McCrady
“Thanks for making my day in Nashville so enjoyable! I have to say in 25 years in dentistry, that IS the BEST seminar I have EVER attended!!! : )”  –Beth Cullen Crutcher
“Thank you Dr. Nordman *Smile Designs of South Florida* for taking me to the Madow Brothers Seminar today…I had the best time!!! Not only did I learn so much about dentistry, I learned I am not just a “front desk” anymore..LOL!!..I have 20 pages of notes!!! Rich & Dave are awesome…See you in Vegas”  –Patricia Ferrugio Volturo
“Thank you Dave, Rich & Team Madow! Great job in Detroit today! Looking around at the audience during the program & listening to people’s comments afterwards, I know that everyone loved you guys. All had big smiles and appeared ready to put all your fantastic ideas to work on Monday. Excellent seminar!”   –Betty Hayden, Hayden Consulting