Lululemon Your Dental Office! (part two)

In part one we discussed how a brand new niche store called Lululemon is creating a tremendous buzz all across North America. We love buzzes and perhaps this is one that you should pay attention to. As a matter of fact, some of you wrote back to tell us that you purchased some Lululemon (LULU) stock after reading part one! Although we are not financial advisors and we do not give stock tips, you should definitely check the one-year graph of LULU to see what kind of a company this is!
Here are some ways you can turn YOUR dental office into a “Lululemon” office:

1. Create a niche! Lululemon is a niche store. They sell yoga apparel. What percent of the population do you think actually practices yoga? Pretty small, right? Walk into a Lululemon store and you would think that the entire world practices yoga! They have made it a fun place to hang out (just like our good friends at The Apple Store).
What could your niche be? There are tons of possibilities. How about ortho, sedation, implants, or cosmetics just to name a few? The point is to be known for something cool and be perceived as the best in your area! Your niche could actually be that you offer free wi-fi and you have a comfortable reception area with a place to use and charge computers for professionals! Be creative!

2. Don’t be so damn fee sensitive.  As we said in part one, Lululemon sells $64 t-shirts and they can’t keep them on the shelves. We love them and probably have at least ten of them between the two of us. They are not only comfortable, but they look cool and work equally well in yoga class as they do at the gym. They are actually quite good for travel as well!
If you have a great product, your patients will want it and will not quibble over a few dollars if they believe in you. Those of you that are overdue for a fee increase; can you think of a better time than now? What are you waiting for? This article just paid for itself (oh wait… it was free)!

3. Learn your patient’s names and use them often. As we have said for quite some time, there is no word that is more important to your patient’s ears than the sound of their own name.
Go into a Lululemon store and ask to try something on. Watch what happens! The attendant that is working the fitting rooms (yes they have people that ONLY work the dressing rooms) will learn your name and use it often. This creates an immediate bond and makes it more likely that you will buy something.

4. Have the best people in the most critical positions. As we said, Lululemon has some real dynamos working in the fitting room area. They are able to bond and to close a sale. Who in your office is talking to the patients about scheduling for treatment? Who is answering the phones making sure every caller has a great chance of becoming a patient? Do you have the best? Think about it.
If you live in an area that has a Lululemon store, your homework is to go there and study how they do things! Look around. Talk to the employees. Try something on (we are not to be held responsible if you buy a lot of stuff). This will be the best education you can get!
Look out for “Lululemon Your Dental Office” (part three) really soon!

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