Madows Announce Exciting New Dental Product!

It’s finally available. Cisco Systems, Biolase Lasers and The Madow Brothers have teamed up to make available the first dental laser application for the Flip Video camera! That’s right, as an option to any dentist that owns a Flip Video, there is now a USB attachment that actually operates a Class III dental laser capable of soft tissue procedures.

“We’ve had the technology for about a year now,” says Ron Mael of Cisco Systems, “but we have been in negotiations with Biolase and the Madows as to when this could be released to the dental public. We are proud to announce that today is the day!”

The “Flip Laser,” or “Flaser” as they are calling it, is perfect for curettage, crown lengthening, frenectomies, etc. It emits a very friendly green stream of light. Now your patients can relax in the dental chair and have many procedures performed without the need for local anesthesia. And the very cool thing about the Flaser is that all procedures may be captured on video at the same time and immediately uploaded to YouTube. This is actually perfect for boosting the dentist’s social media campaign. Dental offices that have been beta-testing the Flaser have reported great results already with people in the community finding them on Facebook and Google.

As of this writing, the laser attachment for the Flip Video is $197. If you do not own a Flip Video camera, you can purchase one complete with the Flaser for $347. Goggles, which are recommended are extra. Click HERE to order.

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