Magic Dental Words

Imagine that your car is making a funny noise and the engine is heating up.

You take it to the shop and the service advisor comes out and says:

“Your car needs a new water pump. It will be six hundred seventy eight dollars.”

How do you feel at that exact moment?

Now imagine the same scenario, but instead the mechanic says directly to you:

“I know what the problem is and I can help you.”

Which feels better? Which feels like you are being helped instead of being sold?

The goal of every dental practice is to provide excellent treatment while being highly productive. But would we rather want our patients to feel like they are being “helped” or “sold?”

We have always disliked the term “selling dentistry.” Not only does it sound kind of sleazy, it puts everyone in the mindset of being salespeople, not caring professionals. (Salespeople CAN be caring professionals, but not if their only goal is to sell, sell, sell!!)

Not only that, when you get your patients to say “yes” out of trust and not out of being sold, your production will increase!

Next time you make a diagnosis, before you present the actual treatment, try this.

Look the patient in the eye and in a calm professional manner say:

“I know what the problem is, and I can help you.”

It’s one of the most powerful phrases in dentistry and life!!

Try it – you’ll like it! So will your patients AND your bottom line!

If your practice is not where you want it to be or you are not enjoying dentistry as much as you should be – we know what the problem is and we can help you!! That’s what we do – let us do it for you!!

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