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Lots of great entries to the mailbag today. Feel free to send yours!

From the Mailbag

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RE: One of the WORST dental secret shopper calls we have ever heard!

Dear Madows,
Why a dentist would not learn to do root canals well befuddles me. When I ask the question the number one reason I get from other dentists is “No I do not like doing them.” So they make the choice not to do them, even though it is what most dental emergency patients need. So the patient’s first encounter is to ship them out of their office and leave them in pain. Well that makes no sense at all! NOW HEAR THIS…you don’t have to like everything you do. There is a reason they call it work.

Charles Barotz, DDS
Denver, CO

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Dear guys,
Thanks so much for doing these secret shopper calls on your podcast. I use them as a training tool for my team and have seen significant improvement. Sometimes before knowing what to do you need to know what not to do. This one was particularly unbelievable!

Dr. J Allen
Fairfield, NJ

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Rich and Dave,

There’s no way these calls are real. I’m not buying it. These are scripted.

Ibsen Malik

Dr. Malik,

Not only are these calls all authentic, we don’t make multiple calls and cherry-pick the best ones. Sadly, they are typically “one and done.” And the saddest thing is, we suspect the doctor has NO IDEA this is going on in their practice. For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, check out the latest Dental Practice Fixers podcast here!

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Re: Fun Question To Ask Patients

Hello there Madow Brothers,

Very creative email! I don’t think I have ever heard this spin on building patient relationships. We are already putting it into use (just read it this morning) and the patients are reacting favorably.


S Carlin
New Orleans, LA

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Re: Today is a really special day. Please read this email to find out why.

Dear Doctors,

I don’t know how you do it, but every day you continue to inspire me. Thanks so much for your insightful thoughts and ability to make them into valuable lessons. You have improved my practice and my life, and this email has motivated me to send you a thank-you note!

Jessica Schnellenberger
Terre Haute, IN

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Madow Brothers,

Great article! Thanks guys!

Isabell Hebberger

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You will piss off all veteran dentists by leaving out Veterans Day!
Bad oversight.

George Landress

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Re: We keep getting this question about practice growth

Dear Madow Brothers,

The Masterclass sounds fantastic and exactly what I am looking for. Will you be doing one in the Phoenix, AZ area?

Dr. Asher Elkayam

Dr. Elkayam,

We would love to have you come to a Masterclass; it may be the most important and valuable day you ever spend in dentistry. But please don’t wait for it to come to you. As of now there are no plans to do one in Phoenix. Your best bet is to come to The Madow Center in Baltimore. We have a fantastic, comfortable facility there, and it’s an easy flight from Phoenix (or just about anywhere in the US!). We hope to see you there on January 25th!

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Re: Dealing With Difficult Patients (names changed….)

To Whom it May Concern,

When did it become accept acceptable to use profanity in a professional email? This is how you represent your company?

I’m not a prude by any means, however I find it tacky that you are obviously using such verbiage for shock value.

Not impressed. Unsubscribed.

Office Manager
Crest Family Dental

Hello Bonnie!

Thanks so much for writing in. Your constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

Unlike our frequent articles in professional journals, the e-letter communications are extremely informal – sort of like the off-the-record chit chat of a bunch of dental folks hanging around sharing drinks or a fun meal. It is truly colleague to colleague and not intended for anyone else.

If you are the type that is offended by language that is frequently heard in PG-rated movies, this may not be for you. Unfortunately you and Dr. Crest will be missing out on some fantastic information…..

Should you wish to resubscribe, we’ll welcome you back!!

All the best,

The Madow Brothers

P.S. If you have any questions, always feel free to call us at 1-800-258-0060.

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