I saw your seminar at The Yankee meeting in Boston and it was fantastic! Just one quick question for you. You talked about sending a personalized mug with flowers to patients who refer others to your practice. What do you do with male patients? Isn’t it a little weird to send flowers to a guy? Thanks- see you in Las Vegas!

Dr. Rob “Razor Boy” Walker

Razor Boy-

Great question – we get that one a lot. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sending a man flowers – everybody loves flowers! Actually, since most men receive flowers so infrequently they have lots of impact. It will really get their co-workers curious and they will all ask who the flowers are from, creating a ton of “good press” for your practice. Of course, if you have a reputation for hitting on men or just plain don’t like the idea, you can place movie passes, a restaurant gift certificate, etc., inside of the mug. But we love flowers!

Dear Madow Brothers,

I usually love your daily emails, and as a dental supply rep I just about always pick up a good tip to share with my offices. However, I found yesterday’s message to be terribly off-the-mark. I am not out to rip people off! I provide a great service and certainly deserve to be paid for it. Besides, my offices love it when I bring donuts in for them. I may charge more than your club, but to many people it is worth it.

Name withheld by request – just call me “Henry.”


Thanks so much for your email, and please don’t take yesterday’s message personally. For over twenty-two years we have been helping dentists and team members grow their practices AND reduce their overhead. We have spoken to thousands of dentists and been inside hundreds of practices and have pretty much seen it all.

So while you may be a great guy, it is our goal to help people save (and therefore earn!) more money and have fun while doing so. That’s why we created The M Club. We want dentists and team members to save tons of money on their dental supplies, get fantastic rewards simply for purchasing supplies, and actually have fun!! Our M Club members are loving it, getting great prizes like iPads, cameras, luggage and jewelery just for doing something they were doing anyway, and not being held hostage by someone who says they won’t fix their equipment if they don’t buy supplies from them. The results have been fantastic.

Sorry – but The M Club is the best way in the profession to purchase dental supplies. Thanks so much for the opportunity to once again give the phone number – 1-855-THE-M- CLUB. Membership is free – so call today and begin saving lots of cash with your first order!

Rich and Dave / Dave and Rich,

I love your daily emails and have been inspired to write more frequent emails and blogs for my patients. Where do I find all of the ideas?

Dr. Mark in Atlanta


Great question! The main thing to do is keep your eyes and ears open! Every time a patient asks you or a team member a question (which happens frequently) – realize that many others in your practice and community have the same question! Things like “When does a child have their first dental visit?” or “Why doesn’t my insurance cover this?” or “Do Crest White-Strips really work?” are questions we get all the time. There are tons of them! So keep a little journal of your patient’s questions and you will never run out of topics for your emails and blogs! And….if you want a profesionally written dental blog or article every month, you should join Powerhouse! It’s one of the many membership benefits. To find out how to join, just call us at 1-888-88-MADOW.

Want to see your question answered in one of our daily e-blasts? Send it on over!!! We can help you!!

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