Make Your Exams More Powerful!

Whether you are a dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, or a member of the dental business team, you know what goes into a dental examination. Or do you?

We typically think of an exam as the time we gather data to properly diagnose our patients. But it is also the time we set the stage for treatment acceptance, future referrals, and lots of other important stuff.

If you have been to one of our “Have Fun, Love Dentistry and Prosper” courses, you probably saw a simple tip on adding something to every exam which gets our patients to actually ask US to have their teeth whitened! Here’s a brief version.

First, take your good old Vita shade guide and arrange it from lightest to darkest – B1 A1 B2 D2 A2 C1 C2 D4 A3 D3 B3 A3.5 B4 C3 A4 C4.

Now, as part of the exam, let your patient know that you will be recording a baseline shade of their teeth. Have them hold the Vita shade guide in their hand and give them a big mirror to watch all the action.

When you show them that their tooth # 8 is a shade A 3.5 or so, be sure to point towards the B1 end and let them know that your bleaching patients in many cases have teeth lighter than that! (For extra effect you can show them the 010 “toilet bowl white” tab, but don’t make any promises!)

At this point – many patients will actually turn and ask YOU if you can whiten their teeth! And we all know that patients who have had whitening not only show their brand new smile to everyone they know (referrals, anyone??) but they also are more prone to further cosmetic procedures. Yeah!!

And the cool thing is  – recording a baseline shade should be a part of the normal exam anyway!

Recently we recorded a DVD entitled “The Oral Exam – Supercharge It!” It’s part of our Powerhouse program, and in this DVD…

fourteen more tips and techniques are revealed so that your exam becomes much more than a “checkup” –

it turns into a low pressure, non-confrontational referral and treatment completing machine!!

In it you will learn how saying some very simple things during the exam can make it one of the most powerful tools in encouraging your patients to love your practice, get their treatment completed and refer their friends and family!

Stuff like:

  • A simple question to ask so that your patients will always be comfortable in your practice!
  • Something to do during every exam to let your patients know of treatment they need before you actually tell them!
  • A “no-brainer” way to double your hygiene production!
  • The crucial way to begin every exam so your patient knows you are the best dentist they have ever seen!
  • Why the medical history update can be the most crucial part of every exam!
  • Do this and your patients will never say “it’s just a check-up” again!
  • And much much more!

It’s a great DVD, and we would like you to have it!

It’s all part of our Powerhouse program. Members get a monthly exclusive DVD loaded with practice building information, a monthly teleconference where members across the country brainstorm and share great ideas, a monthly article or blog to use in your patient newsletter, blog or email, free admission to our yearly “Powerhouse Live!” meeting, and more!!

It’s a ridiculous bargain at just $99.00 per month, and just to show you how great it is, we would like you to “test drive” it for free this month.

That means you will get the DVD called “The Oral Exam – Supercharge It!!” and admission to this month’s teleconference at no charge!

Then in May we will start with the regular $99.00 per month membership. There are no obligations and you can quit at any time.

But you won’t – because for the price of a prophy and exam, Powerhouse members have access to the best income producing, practice enhancing information in dentistry!

To grab your free DVD and get started with your trial, please call 1-888-88-MADOW right now and we’ll get it right out to you!!

Don’t miss out – for more information and your free DVD, call 1-888-88-MADOW now!

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