This fun, fast-paced course is perfect for all doctors, team members and spouses who want to easily and predictably take their practice to a level they never thought possible! It’s filled with incredibly usable content, and also features videos, music and humor to make it unlike any other dental seminar most have ever experienced! The Madow Brothers make sure that every single dentist and team member in the audience learns the secrets of delivering better patient care, practice growth, and fulfillment in the profession of dentistry while having an enjoyable day. Practically every attendee reports that a Madow Brothers seminar was the best day they have ever spent in dentistry.

Course Objectives:

1) Every dentist and team member will gain the knowledge to increase productivity while enjoying their profession more than ever before

2) Practices will learn how to increase new patient numbers significantly and serve their current patients better through increased treatment plan acceptance and better treatment options

3) Dental teams will become educated with better communication skills; more able to function as a true team and love their career.

4) Attendees will develop specific strategies for preventing and filling cancellations and learn how to keep the schedule full when these events take place.

Here are some highlights of ROCK Your Practice To The Top:

• Simple ways to generate new patient referrals without begging, pleading or sounding desperate!

• Banish those pesky cancellations once and for all!

• A simple thing every dentist and team member needs – and how to use it to easily get new patients!

• How to get specialists to refer to you by the boatload!

• Use the “ALASKA System” to double your new patient numbers without spending a dime!

• Ten incredible practice builders in just ten minutes per day!

• Never run late again when you know this simple trick!

• Which review sites and search engines you aren’t using that you need to know about NOW!

• The easiest way to spot a potential bad hire. This will save you months of heartache!

• Why most “Welcome To The Practice” videos totally suck – and how to do it right!

• The one, key, most essential tip to practice success. Without it you may be doomed!

• How to get team members “on the same page” so the practice runs like a well-oiled machine!

• What a California dentist put in his reception room (it cost twenty bucks!) that had everyone in the area talking!

• An underused “marketing machine” that you already own!

• This took five seconds and increased sales by over $100,000. You can do it too!!

• One thing you should NEVER EVER discuss on the phone with a patient. It’s not money and has nothing to do with HIPAA!

*This course is recommended for ALL dental professionals*