Missed Opportunities!

missed opportunities

Missed Opportunities!

There are so many missed opportunities in the dental office, and in this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers podcast we give you a bunch. We start with something very simple in every hygiene exam that should be customer service gold, but in most practices just turns out to be an annoyance.

Then on our “mystery shopper calls.” we pose as a potential patient wanting a second opinion on an $8000 case. Should be a breeze, right? Well – OMG!!!!! You need to listen!

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Highlights from “Missed Opportunities!”

0:12 – Dr. Richard Madow opens up a dental podcast and welcomes everyone listening and watching to the Dental Practice Fixers podcast.

0:30 – Today’s podcast will feature missed opportunities.

1:11 – Do you want to save money on your credit card processing? Check out Stat by Fatt Merchant: madow.com/save

2:45 – Rich talks about another opportunity that is many times missed for dental offices. Have you been doing this for your dental office?  You should! Check it out.

6:01 – If you are not selling your dental scrap and making money then you need to right now!  Check out madow.com/gold for the best price on your dental scrap.  Southern Dental Refining is the way to go.

7:02 – Rich explains how the secret shopper calls will go and what he will be asking.  A second opinion is needed and how this office will handle these callers.  Do they do financial arrangements?  How will these dental offices do?

8:06 – Rich makes the first secret shopper call.

9:55 – The front desk person said that the office manager is out to lunch and she doesn’t know if the office takes payment plans.  Does your front desk person know if your dental office takes payments?

Check out the rest of the secret shopper calls on “The Dental Practice Fixers” podcast!

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