More Appointmen?ts Instantly – Use This Letter!

Are you ready to have existing patients call your practice to schedule their diagnosed but unfinished treatment? Of course you are!

It’s that time of year again – time to send out an end-of-the-year insurance “use it or lose it” letter. Got a good one?

If not, we’ve got one for you! Please feel free to use it with our compliments.

It was originally composed by Powerhouse Coaching member Dr. Joanne Rief. We “genericized” it a little bit so you can more easily adapt it to your practice.

Please check it out by clicking here, and most importantly, put it to use!

You probably have tons of patients who will appreciate the reminder that if they don’t use their insurance dollars by the end of the year they will lose them forever.

So go ahead – insert your practice information into this letter and mail it. When should you do it? NOW!

If you like this one, we’ ve got lots of other great letters that you can use for free. Things like:

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And more – over a dozen fantastic letters to help your practice.
So what do you want?

Want to check out and use these fantastic letters? Just click here and go to “Forms and Letters.”

Want more information on how you can virtually “hang out” with incredibly successful dentists like Dr. Joanne Rief? Click here (or call 1-888-88-MADOW) to learn more about the most amazing, affordable and practice building group in the world – Madow Powerhouse Coaching!

Want to learn how to use Social Media to build your practice like crazy? Click here and go to “Social Media Marketing” or call the number mentioned above.

Whatever you want to do – we are here to help!!

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