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WOW. Yesterday we sent out an email invitation for you to join us on our Powerhouse call this evening as we talk about new patients and the best ways to get them as we move into 2012. To say that we were slammed on the phones was an understatement. Tons of you have decided to “listen in” tonight on our call. Actually there were many moments that all of our lines were tied up so if you tried but could not get through, we apologize.

It seems as though all of you want to know how to get new patients! If so, this will certainly be the call to be on! If you are reading this Tuesday during business hours, there may be still time to reserve your spot!

Our Powerhouse Group is made up of forward thinking dentists and team members like you! We all help each other grow like crazy.
There is NOTHING else like it in dentistry.

And guess what? The “rewards” of being on this call have even gotten better! If you call us right now to get on tonight’s call, we have just come up with an incredible bonus package we will send you as a “thank you!”

Take a look inside the package we will be sending you:

1. DVD: “How to Never Run Late” by The Madow Brothers – This video answers the age old question “How can we stay on time and not upset our patients ever again?” It’s a fun watch for the entire team. And you will become the office that is always running on time!
2. DVD: “Can We Stop Cancellations and No-Shows?” by The Madow Brothers – Can we stop them? Well, most likely not 100% since we are dealing with human beings. But can we minimize no-shows and cancellations so they no longer affect our bottom line? You bet we can. Just watch this video and you’ll find out how!
3. DVD: “Don’t Just Reduce Your Overhead – Slice it and Dice It!” by The Madow Brothers – We are always so concerned about production and collections but is there another way to increase your profitability? Just take a look at this video and you will find out. We give you so many things to cut down or eliminate that your head will be spinning. And your wallet will be GROWING!!!
4. DVD: “Twenty-Seven Ways to Get More Facebook Likes!” by The Madow Brothers – If you are not on Facebook yet, this video is a fantastic “jump start!” Social media is one of the best communication tools we have ever seen and this will give you great ideas on how to connect with tons of people in your community. Please watch this one with the entire team for great results!
5. “The Best Collection of Letters and Forms to Use in Your Dental Office” by The Madow Brothers – We have personally written some of the best letters that you can use in your practice! You will not find these on your practice management software. No way!
6. A great article (written by The Madow Brothers) that you can modify for your office to send out to your patients via newsletter, email, blog, Facebook, etc. Communicating with your patients regularly is something we want you to pay strict attention to in 2012 and beyond! This will be a great start!

You will receive every single one of the above bonus items totally FREE when you call and get signed up for this evening’s Powerhouse call on “How to Get Tons and Tons of New Patients and Have Your Best Year Yet!”

How do you do this? It’s simple. Just call toll-free 1-888-88-MADOW. Let us know you want to be on tonight’s call. If we still have room, we will give you the instructions!

If our lines are busy, please keep trying. Do this earlier rather than later as we will fill up!

*** And by the way, don’t worry… if you called to sign up on Monday, we will make sure you get all of the bonuses outlined above!

So call right now while this letter is right in front of you! “We can help you!”


Talk to you this evening!

Ah ha… a last minute P.S. – – – – Call us now and we will throw in one more bonus. That’s right you will get the DVD that started this whole thing!!!  – “Twenty Ways to Easily Get More New Patients!” It’s less than an hour long and after listening to this, if you and your team can’t get tons of new patients “lining up at your door,” then you just didn’t pay attention. That’s right, we feel that once you watch this video you have such an incredible advantage over any office inyour area… it will be YOUR OFFICE that all of the new patients will be flocking to. So get ready for 2012 to be your best year EVER by FAR!!

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