More Production With No New Patients

There is no question about it – finding more high quality new patients is a fantastic way to grow your practice. But you can also increase your revenue significantly in a different way.

How? By doing more services on the patients you have. It’s not that difficult!

Many patients have no idea that you do whitening, see children, are a cosmetic dental expert, etc. So please make everyone aware through proper signage, marketing, social media blasts, and even good old chit-chatting, that you provide all of these services in your practice.

However, the absolute best thing to do (for your patients, your bottom line and even your sanity!) is to increase the services which you provide.

Are you even comfortable doing a high-end cosmetic case? If not, go out there and get some training from the best instructors you can find!

You probably have hundreds of patients who are in need of minor periodontal procedures (like a crown lengthening almost every time you do a crown prep!), but without the proper tools, you can’t provide them. Check out the fantastic array of lasers from Biolase and watch your procedure mix change for the better!

How about short-term ortho? This is one of the most desired procedures these days. Don’t be afraid of it! Learn how to do it right with a course like Six Month Smiles and you’ll be the one who is smiling! (Added benefit: you can now list “orthodontics” on all of your marketing materials. Even if you wind up referring some cases to an orthodontist you will get lots of new patients!)

What else can you add to your mix? Sedation dentistry? Mini-implants? More endo and fewer referrals? These will all grow your practice like crazy, often on your existing patients! After all, it’s much more efficient to do the treatment on the patients who are in your practice and are already sold on you.

Yes – sometimes it takes guts to expand your procedure mix, but the rewards are great. Plus, it’s fun!

So make the commitment. Take some great courses and provide more services. You will earn more money, keep your patients happy, and love dentistry even more.

It’ll change your face – it’ll change your life!

Not sure where to start? Come on out to TBSE 2011 in Las Vegas! You will get so much high quality practice building information in one place it will astound you!!

Want to learn how to do short-term ortho? Well, Dr. Ryan Swain, the founder of Six Month Smiles, is one of our speakers!

How about adding more cosmetic dentistry to your practice? Why not learn from the best? We’ve got Dr. Hugh Flax, President of the AACD, on the TBSE stage!

Interested in learning how to use technology to the max? Then hear it straight from dental tech whiz Dr. Bill Busch! (Yes – he will be at TBSE too!)

And that’s just the start! Please check out the rest of the lineup at We’ve got some special pricing on there too!!

However you do it, please make the commitment to a better practice! That’s what it’s all about. The added revenue isn’t so bad either!

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