More Tips to Help With the Success of Your Lab Cases

From the Desk of…
Blind Harry
Lab Technician

Dear Doctor,

Thanks for your positive feedback from last month’s lab tips I shared with you. Due to the overwhelming response, I am in the process of setting up a website and a “help desk” to make sure I can assist you with your lab cases and questions. The website, which will be, should be live soon. So look for it and the “help desk” very soon.

I have seen a lot of your communication about the crowns I have been making for you not fitting so well. I just want to stress that you should not worry too much about the fit of your crowns. Nice fitting margins and perfect occlusion are oftentimes overrated. The most important thing is that you get all of your cases inserted quickly and get on to the next patient. I can help you with this. And don’t worry about shades matching perfectly. I am finding that most patients are not very critical. Do you think they are looking in the mirror at posterior teeth? Come on now. Your patients have busy lives and they want to get in and out of your office. That is my specialty.

I will be back soon with more advice on how to make your cases more successful. In the meantime I must return to the bench and get cranking on some of the cases that have piled up here. Hope yours is one of them. Check soon for my help line and website!

Yours truly,

Blind Harry, CDT

***Note from The Madow Brothers – Yeah, Blind Harry is a really “nice guy,” but it takes more than just a nice guy to deliver the most predictable high quality lab cases that you and your patients can be proud of. There is a very good chance Harry or one of his relatives is working at the lab you are presently using. If so, you should be looking for a lab you can call “home.” We suggest that you call the good folks at Maverick Dental Lab immediately.

Why? Because they are making a fantastic offer to any Madow friend reading this letter. That’s right, Maverick is so confident that you will love their quality and customer service that they are offering Three Free Crowns to you. Please take them up on this offer. It’s good for three non-precious or eMax units. Call Maverick at 1-866-318-6624. Mention Madow! Or click HERE for more info! Why wouldn’t you do this?

If you don’t want to send a case right now, that is fine. But at the very least we suggest you call Maverick at 1-866-318-6624 and ask them for a free starter kit. Maverick has been bringing their brand new starter kits to our live seminars lately and they have been one of the biggest hits of the day. And just so you know, there’s a lot more in this kit than just a lab box and a prescription pad. Some real good stuff for you. You no longer need to attend live to get one of their “now-famous” starter kits!

So call now and get your kit delivered to your door! Or continue using Blind Harry at your own risk! It’s up to you!

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