My Haircut


I’ve been getting my hair cut at the same salon for over twelve years. Every five weeks – like clockwork – I go for a haircut. But here’s the thing.

The salon I visit is in the ‘burbs of Baltimore, about a twenty-five minute drive from where I live. Since our home is downtown, I could easily walk to at least ten places to get a haircut. And when I drive to this place, I probably pass another thirty that are closer. Yet I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Sure – I like the haircut, but there are many places that can provide that. So here are just a few things that “my” salon does right.

1. They ALWAYS take me back on time. I mean always! They simply do not run late.

2. The hairwash girls – whoops – I mean the “follicular cleansing professionals” – are constantly making things comfortable for me. They ask if the water is too hot or cold, if the pressure is okay, if my neck is cushioned enough by the towel they place there, etc…

3. The FCP then personally leads me to the chair where the haircut will be (even though it is just steps away). They NEVER let anyone roam around the salon unaccompanied. If I ask to take a break, they say “May I show you where the restroom is?”

4. They know me. They ask about my family, my musical endeavors, my dental world, etc…

5. They always offer coffee, water, tea, soda, etc… I’m pretty sure that if I said I wanted a Bulleit Rye Old Fashioned they would make it happen.

6. They are very efficient but never feel rushed. When the appointment is over they really make sure I am happy.

7. At the end they personally walk me up to the front desk and make sure I have the next appointment made. Every. Single. Time.

8. There are so many other little details they get right. And they’re not cheap, but I always feel the value is good
Okay – I could go on, but that’s enough. The main point is, I drive twenty-five minutes, past forty or so other salons to get there, and I’ve been doing it every five weeks for twelve years. So the question is:

What are you doing in YOUR dental practice so that a patient would drive past many other offices to get there? 



Richard. H. Madow, DDS    Richard H. Madow, DDS

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