My Patients Only Want What Insurance Covers!

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My Patients Only Want What Insurance Covers!

Is this really true, or is the practice subtly putting patients into this insurance mindset?

We hear it from dentists and team members everywhere – “my patients are driven by insurance.”

In this episode of The Madow Dental Podcast we dig a little deeper and discover that maybe it’s the practice itself that is insurance dependent!
Then on our mystery shopper calls the theme continues as we ask if a new patient cleaning is covered by insurance. One would think this would lead to an appointment, but one must think again! Listen to find out what really happened!

Highlights from “My Patients Only Want What Insurance Covers!”

0:18 – Dr. Rich Madow shares some things he hears from dentists and one of them is that patients are so driven by what insurance covers.

0:57 – If you are long time listener of the Madow Dental Podcast you probably have heard about the wonderful benefits of using STAX by FattMerchant and the monthly low costs of credit card processing fees.  If you haven’t checked it out, go to madow.com/save now!

2:45 – Do your patients have the insurance mindset only?  Find out what Dr. Rich has found from dental practices.  Working with a dental coach can help in your dental practice if this is the case.  Are there things that your dental office is doing that makes your patients more insurance mindset.  Does your dental work only focus around the patients insurance?

7:25 – The Madow Center for Dental Practice Success does data analysis and have found it extremely common in restorative but periodontal therapy is low.  Dr. Rich shares some dental stories and what he has seen as a dental coach.

10:38 – Check out Rich’s speaking schedule where he will be appearing live: https://www.madow.com/speaking-engagement-schedule/

11:28 – Rich makes some secret shoppers calls by bringing in some insurance questions.  Find out what questions are asked and if they decide to schedule an appointment with Rich.

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