Nervous Patients and Bad Reviews!

nervous patient

Nervous Patients and Bad Reviews!

In today’s episode, we field a great listener question about responding to bad reviews and HIPPA compliancy in doing so.  Also, is your dental office getting calls from a nervous patient wanting to see what can make them feel more comfortable?  Check out these secret shopper calls posing as a nervous patient who wants to find a new office that can help him. Do you think they were willing to assure this anxious patient that they called the right office? Do you think they offered an appointment? Listen to find out!

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Highlights from “Nervous Patients and Bad Reviews”

0:11 – Dr. Richard Madow welcomes all listeners and viewers to The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast this week.

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2:15 – Rich shares a listener question.   How to respond to good or bad reviews and still being HIPPA compliant. Rich suggests subscribing to The Madow Center E-newsletter for continued support and suggestions.  Rich gives his advice concerning this listener question.

7:51 – Rich gives his suggestion on replies and also how to bury that bad review.

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9:55 – Rich makes his first secret shopper call.

12:11 – Did the front desk receptionist make Rich feel comfortable since he is a nervous patient about coming into their dental office?  Check it out.  What about make an appointment?

14:32 – Rich makes the second secret shopper call.  Will this caller help Rich feel comfortable enough to come in?

15:35 – Rich had a hard time understanding this front office person.  This office told Rich all the things they don’t do even when not asked.  What suggestions did Rich give to this dental office?  Check it out.

17:10 – Rich makes the third secret shopper call.  Rich is feeling unsure if this dental office can help.

18:55 – Wow! Rich said that was different.  A very warm and friendly voice.  She had lots of things that were great to hear.  She asked Rich some great questions, she did so many things right!  A rare find and one of the better calls from the secret shopper calls on The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.  Great job dental office whoever you are but did she make an appointment?  Find out.

21:13 – Rich thanks the viewers and listeners on the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.  Check out madow.com for the new video about the dental snapshot and what it is all about.

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