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What The Heck Is AAFD? Never Assume People Know Anything

By November 26, 2018March 5th, 2020Coaches Corner
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Here’s why you should never assume people know anything:

Last week we got an email from a dental organization called the AAFD. We didn’t join the AAFD. You didn’t join the AAFD. Why not?

They were offering great pricing with a large discount. They sent a nice email explaining all of the excellent benefits AAFD members receive. They told us the AAFD was packed with leaders, innovators, and friends.  So what went wrong?

They never bothered to tell us what the hell the AAFD is or what they do!! 

What are we supposed to do? Make up our own meaning? The American Academy of Fertile Dentists? Already Aging Frail Drifters? Albanian Association of Future Dictators? Is it an organization so secretive that they don’t even know what they do? We just don’t know.

This frequently happens when you are so close to something or so wrapped up in something you overlook the fact that outsiders (in this case, non-members) have no idea what you are talking about.

Of course members and administrators of the AAFD know what it stands for. They live it. They love it. They inhale it. Or maybe they didn’t inhale. But the folks they are trying to appeal to have no idea what they are talking about.

So learn this and learn it well.

You should NEVER assume people (and this means your patients) know ANYTHING!

Don’t Assume Anything

They don’t know what their insurance covers. They don’t know that treatment needs to be paid for at time of service. They don’t know what “crown” or “periodontal” means. And they certainly don’t know what “you have a five millimeter pocket on the distal of tooth # 30” means! (Yes – we heard a dentist say that to a patient once.)

So don’t be like the Academy of Assuming Friggin’ Dentists. Because surely you know what happens when you assume.

And if you don’t – please watch this clip from the classic TV show “The Odd Couple.” Click here to see what happens when you assume!!

Coach Rich
Coach Dave

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