Never Say THIS to a Dental Patient!

a guy on the phone with tape covering his mouth so he can't speak

Never Say THIS to a Dental Patient!

On this week’s episode of The Dental Practice Fixers podcast, we start with a discussion of things that should never be said to a dental patient. The amazing thing is that these are ALL things we have heard being said in dental practices across North America. Then we get to our calls of the week – two calls, two potential new patients – two complete failures. The team members who answered the phones were both extremely nice – but then they both totally botched it up.  What would The Dental Practice Fixers (Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow) do? Listen and find out!

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0:25 Give us your feedback or email us at info@madow.com

0:43 Rich was spying around Madow.com and found a neat post about 30 phrases that you should never say to your patients.
Check it out here: https://www.madow.com/30-things-you-should-never-say-to-a-patient/

1:20 – Phrases like, “I can’t find your chart” or “Linda got fired”

2:24 – Dave talks about something that really upset him recently.

3:32 – Rich gives a solution to a problem when someone asks you something that you don’t know.
For example: What to say if a dental patient asks you about their insurance and you don’t know.

4:23 – Rich explains what the Madow Dental Digest is and how can a person sign up for it.

4:49 – Learn how to get a really great practice management tips from the Madow Dental Digest

5:34 – Learn how to join the VIP list – Text email address: 443-312-2014

6:19 – Did you watch the debates question? Should you get a dental patient in a political conversation?

6:38 – First Caller – Listen to this funny question that Dave asks

7:26 – Dave and Rich discuss the phone call.

10:20 – Dave gives the caller a grade.

10:26 – Rich gives the caller a grade.

11:00 – The Madow Brothers ask for your feedback – Schedule a 30-minute FREE coaching call

13:08 – Dave talks about the past – A bill from AOL access and the cost was $19.95/month

14:28 – What if a dental practice was paying for something that was making them money every month

15:04 – Get money in your checkbook by using this service

15:57 – Rich gives advice about lazy expenses

17:40 – Second Caller – Listen to what is explained on this call.

19:49 – Dave and Rich discuss the phone call.

20:20 – How much is a whatnot?

22:36 – Dave talks about a solution of what to say.

22:47 – Rich also comments about things a person could have said.

23:03 – Dave explains what a front desk person needs to understand.

24:42 – End of Podcast

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