New! Million Dollar Bills (Large Face)

Million Dollar Bill front

Have You EVER Seen A Million Dollar Bill?

Dear Friend,

This could be the best recession buster we have EVER seen!!!

Hello… David and Richard Madow here. You probably know who we are. Two brothers, two dentists, and two somewhat crazy guys! For over twenty years now we have been furnishing people like you with ideas to improve your business as well as your life!

And right now we’ve got something VERY COOL that you must see!

You see, a short time ago a colleague sent us a stack of these million dollar bills. He said he’s had SO MUCH FUN with them, we had to try them out! Basically what he told us was to give one of these million dollar bills to anyone we come in contact with and then watch what happens!

Well, we followed his advice and we must say, things have not been the same for us since!

You should see the look on people’s faces when you give them one of these million dollar bills. The expression alone is “worth a million dollars!”

  • We gave a million dollar bill to a waitress in a restaurant near our office. Not only do we get our choice of any table in the house, but now she slips in beverages and desserts for FREE!
  • We went to our dry cleaners and gave the woman behind the counter a million dollar bill. Now she remembers our names and “The Brothers” always get first class service and many freebies thrown in!
  • The guy at our car dealer was next. He got a million dollar bill and now we have a free demo car EVERY time either of us brings our car in for service!
  • When on a business trip and checking in at the airport ticket counter, we handed one of these bills to the ticket agent. She then begged us for two more of them for her kids. What did we get? A wonderful smile, a thank you, then a SURPRISE upgrade to FIRST CLASS!
  • How about the pizza guy that delivers to our office? After he got his million dollar bill we started getting extra FREE pizzas delivered!
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